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Movin’ On (1974-76)

Dumb attempt to jump on the short lived trucker craze. Claude Akins is Sonny Pruitt and Frank Converse is his college educated partner Will Chandler. They haul cargo across the country. The opening theme is by Merle Haggard. September 30,1978 … Continue reading

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1945 Sessions-Bunk Johnson’s Brass Band

Twenty tracks of traditional New Orleans Jazz from one of the all time greats. From Gospel flavored Jazz to Dixieland and Trad standards this is a great one to add to any collection. Highlights include: “Just A Closer Walk With … Continue reading

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The Hot And The Cool-Edwin Gilbert (1953)

A good story about the world of Jazz musicians in the early fifties. It revolves around members of a sextet waiting to hit the big time. Rather than get bogged down with technical descriptions of Jazz, Gilbert uses names of … Continue reading

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The Greene Murder Case (1929)

Dull adaptation of the S.S.Van Dine book from the Philo Vance series. William Powell doesn’t give a clue of the light comedic touch of his later movies. This is his second time as Vance.  Also returning is Eugene Pallette as … Continue reading

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Marcus Welby,M.D. (1969-76)

Robert Young is a GP and James Brolin is is oh-so-hip assistant, Dr.Steven Kiley. He rides a motorcycle and the chicks dig him. Welby goes between kind and crusty and always has his patients best interests at heart. Elena Verdugo … Continue reading

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The Complete Spotlight Band 1945 Broadcasts-Artie Shaw 2 CD’S

Personnel include Roy Eldridge, Dodo Mamarosa and Barney Kessel on these thirty tracks. Locations of the broadcasts include: Hoff General Hospital, Santa Barbara and Fort Ord, Monterey, California, Highlights on CD #1 include: “Little Jazz”, “Summit Ridge Drive” and “Jumpin’ … Continue reading


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Day Million-Frederik Pohl (Short Stories)

Ten stories from 1941,56,59,61,66,67,68. Favorites: “The Death Mission Of P.Snodgrass” (1962) – It may be short but this is one of my favorite Pohl stories. Snodgrass invents a time machine and goes back to ancient Rome. He introduces modern medicine. … Continue reading

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War Of The Colossal Beast (1958)

Proof that some sequels shouldn’t be made. This is a follow up to 1957’s “The Amazing Colossal Man.” Glenn Langan wisely doesn’t show up to repeat as Col.Glenn Manning. Instead Duncan “Dean” Parkin takes the job. He gets to grunt … Continue reading

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Ellery Queen’s The Golden 13

Thirteen stories from 1946-57,62. The stories are all winners in the magazine’s international annual contest for the best short story or novelette to cross the judge’s desks. Favorites: “The President Of The United States, Detective” – H.F.Heard (1947) – The … Continue reading

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1941-1945-Tony Pastor

Twenty-two tracks from the sax playing vocalists’ band. It features vocals from Tony along with Eugene Baird, Virginia Maney, Dick Dyer and Dorsey Anderson. Highlights include: “With A Twist Of The Wrist”, “March Of The Marines”, “Obey Your Air Raid … Continue reading

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