B.J. And The Bear (1978-81)

Bear-Greg Evigan

Greg Evigan is B.J.McKay. He’s an independent trucker in rural Georgia. He drives around with chimp companion Bear and gets into all kinds of adventures. In 1981 the show had B J running a trucking business in Los Angeles. He had to put up with a crooked politician who had ties to a big trucking company that didn’t like competition.

February 9,1980 episode: “B J And The Witch” w/Anne-Marie Martin and Peter Mark Richman – The truck breaks down in the woods. Bear runs off and B J finds him with a girl playing a flute. Her name is Deidre (Anne-Marie Martin). B J gives her a lift home. The truck still won’t start. As he’s calling over the CB for help Deidre glances at the ignition. It starts. She tells B J she’s a witch.

Meanwhile in town the local real estate man, Mr.Denby (Peter Mark Richman), is stirring up the people in Town Hall. He’s a religious fanatic and thinks Deidre should be driven out of town. The sheriff tells him she’s not doing anything illegal. Denby goes to her house and warns her to get out.

B J is now on his way and he’s being chased by a car with three of the local punks. They pass him. When he pulls into a gas station to get his truck repaired he spots the three. He gives the driver Steve a hard time. The gas station owner says they’re regular customers and he’ll have to wait until the next day.

He goes back to Deidre’s. Just as romance starts to set in there’s a knock on the door. It’s Denby’s daughter Teri. She wants a love potion. Deidre gives her a pill bottle and off she goes. B J spends the night.

The next day Steve is obviously high and driving like a maniac with Teri in the car. He finally stops and Teri runs out. He chases her…right to where B J and Deidre are getting back to where they were last night.

B J tackles Steve and he’s out cold. Turns out he’s on angel dust. Denby shows up at the doctors’ office demanding Deidre be arrested for selling drugs. He takes her into custody but doesn’t lock her up. Outside a mob is forming.

B J says he’ll find the local dealer. While he’s doing that Denby leads the mob to Deidre’s. The episode comes to a strong ending. Definitely one of the better shows in the series.

Anne-Marie Martin didn’t appear in a whole lot roles. She was a regular on “Sledge Hammer” playing Dori Doreau (1986-88).

Greg Evigan is a familiar face to TV fans as he appeared in dozens of shows. His other series was “My Two Dads” where he played Joey Harris (1987-90).


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