New York Dead-Stuart Woods (1991) (Stone Barrington Series)

First in the series about an ex cop who is now an attorney in New York City. The latest is 2015’s “Naked Greed.”

As the series opens Stone is still a police detective in New York City. He has a bum knee after being shot. On his way home from Elaine’s Restaurant he sees a woman falling from  a twelfth floor balcony. She lands in a mound of dirt put there by a Con Ed crew.

Stone goes up to her apartment while the ambulance is on its way. Turns out the woman is Sasha Nijinsky. She works for Continental Broadcasting and is about to start a job co-anchoring the nightly network news.

A door slams and someone is running down the stairway. Stone gives chase. He tries leaping down a flight of stairs and lands on his bum knee. Back at the apartment his partner Dino Bacchetti shows up. Then along comes a free lance journalist, Scoop Berman with his videocam.

He has a close up of the body. She’s still breathing. On the way to the hospital a fire truck hits the ambulance. When it gets sorted out Sasha is missing. Now the investigation starts as to who pushed her off the balcony. One suspect is Herbert Van Fleet. He and his mother own a funeral home.

Van Fleet had written a thousand letters to Sasha. Nothing threatening but it still put him on the list. Then there’s Barron Harkness the anchorman. Maybe he didn’t like his territory being invaded by the reporter superstar.

Stone meets Cary Hilliard. an assistant to Harkness. They end up investigating each other.  They like what they find. The pressure from above is on to wrap the case up. Harriet “Hank” Morgan, a make up artist at the network was a bed partner of Sasha’s and is charged with her murder. Stone doesn’t think she did it and that costs him his job. He’s given a permanent medical leave.

It’s been fifteen years since he graduated law school but an offer from a top firm to be an independent associate is too good to turn down. He passes the Bar and his new career is underway. That doesn’t mean Sasha’s case will leave him alone.

It’s a fast read with some surprises along the way leading to an entertaining book. The ending borders on unbelievable but it’s still a nice ride.

Stuart Woods


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