Pursuit To Algiers (1945)

Minor entry in the Basil Rathbone-Nigel Bruce Holmes-Watson series. Holmes is hired to take the heir to the throne of a foreign country back home. His father the king was assassinated.

Holmes and Watson are going to escort Nikolas back home on a plane. When they get to the airfield they’re told the original plane has had some trouble and they’ll have to go in a three seater. That means Watson can’t go. Holmes is suspicious and tells Watson to go the next day by boat.

On board Watson meets singer Sheila Woodbury (Marjorie Riordan). She’s impressed that he’s the Watson of the Sherlock Holmes exploits. She has an engagement booked in Cairo. At the last minute her manager comes on board with her music case. Her arrangements are inside. He said she left it in his office.

The ship sets sail. Later Watson sees a post on the bulletin board about the crash of a three seater airplane. No survivors. He doesn’t have time to grieve as he’s told a passenger is very ill. He goes to the cabin. It’s Holmes along with Nikolas.

Shelia takes a liking to Nikolas and they take a stroll along the deck in the fog. Holmes tells Watson to follow. He loses them. Sheila drops her compact and it slides towards the lifeboats. Holmes picks it up. He’s suspicious that something’s not right with her.

Later the ship stops to pick up three men. One recognizes Holmes. Holmes doesn’t know him. The three get a cabin across from Holmes and company. It’s easy to see they’re the bad guys. They agree the new king has got to go before they reach Algiers but Holmes has to go now.

It comes to an interesting ending that observant fans will see coming. If you’re new to the movie series catch some of the others first.

Pro wrestler William “Wee Willie” Davis plays the mute hood Gubec.

William “Wee Willie” Davis


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