Marcus Welby,M.D. (1969-76)

Robert Young is a GP and James Brolin is is oh-so-hip assistant, Dr.Steven Kiley. He rides a motorcycle and the chicks dig him. Welby goes between kind and crusty and always has his patients best interests at heart. Elena Verdugo is Consuelo Lopez the nurse-receptionist. The show was informative and managed to bring important issues to viewers.

March 24,1970 episode: “Enid” – Steve gets a call from Enid Cooper (Flora Plumb) at a center for disturbed children, wards of the court and orphans. One of the kids is having an asthma attack. One of the kids, Paul, is impressed with the bike and refers to him as Dr.Motorcycle.

While washing up in Enid’s bathroom he sees that the medicine cabinet is open. It’s loaded with uppers and downers. The next day Steve and Marcus inform the center’s director about Enid. They say if he lets her stay on they’ll donate their time to the Center.

Steve takes Enid out on a date to find out more about her addiction. She argues with him and that ends that date in a hurry. The next day Enid is driving eight kids on a field trip to a museum when she zones out and gets into a fender bender. Paul gets a banged up knee and that the extent of anyone’s injuries.

Time now for a friendly talk with Dr.Welby. He tells Enid if she goes cold turkey he’ll make sure she keeps her job. Back at the Center she and Steve dump all the pills. Now it’s time for withdrawals. Steve stands by to help her through it.

The episode doesn’t go into heavy drama with a lot of screaming and yelling. The withdrawal scene is usually awkward and very few actors can pull it off. Plumb doesn’t overdo it.

Flora Plumb is the older sister of Eve Plumb of “The Brady Bunch.” She didn’t do a whole lot of acting.


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