Ben Casey (1961-66)

Sam Jaffe-Vince Edwards

Sam Jaffe-Vince Edwards

From the creator of “Medic” comes this hospital drama that went for least most of the time. Vince Edwards is Dr.Ben Casey. His first boss is Dr.David Zorba played by Sam Jaffe. When he left the show Franchot Tone took over as Dr.Daniel Niles Freeland.  Also appearing in a couple dozen episodes were Harry Landers as Dr.Ted Hoffman and Bettye Ackerman as Dr.Maggie Graham. During the last season the show got soapy and was eventually cancelled.

April 26,1965 episode: “The Day They Stole County General” , a rare comedy episode w/Howard DaSilva, Cliff Norton, Sharon Farrell, Mary Wickes and Larry Hovis – Penny Carson (Sharon Farrell) is brought to the hospital after a minor accident. Pulling up in a limo is her Uncle Ulysses (Howard DaSilva) and his driver Rooney (Cliff Norton).

Ulysses is her rich uncle who travels the world looking after his shipping empire. He’s impressed with Ben and decides he should have an office of his own and marry Penny.  Since Ben isn’t rich Ulysses will get everything he needs for his office. Ben knows nothing about it.

He also doesn’t know that Ulysses is a phoney. He and Rooney are really ship stewards. Penny doesn’t know either. Since he doesn’t actually have the money for all the office equipment Ulysses and Rooney steal it all from the hospital. The confused elevator man (Larry Hovis) thinks they’re doctors.

Maggie and Ted think Penny should be operated on. Ben thinks pills will do it. Maggie says he’s not being objective because he’s attracted to her. Miss Brinks (Mary Wickes) is taking inventory and finds out about all the missing stuff. She tells Ben a hospital employee was in touch with a medical supply salesman who wanted to buy everything.

Penny chokes on the pills and Ben needs a suction machine stat. That’s one thing Ulysses and Rooney haven’t been able to get out of the building. Ulysses “finds” it and brings it into Penny’s room. Ben gets suspicious.

DaSilva’s part calls for overacting and he obliges.

Mary Wickes appeared in many sitcom episodes and played Marie on “The Father Dowling Mysteries” (1987-91).

Larry Hovis was Sgt.Andrew Carter on “Hogan’s Heroes” (1965-71).

Sam Jaffe appeared in many movies and TV shows. In 1937 he was the High Lama in “Lost Horizon.”


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