A Century Of Great Short Science Fiction Novels-Edited by Damon Knight

damon knight (editor)-a century of great short science fiction novels

Six short novels in this volume.

“Strange Case Of Dr.Jekyll And Mr.Hyde” (1886) – Robert Louis Stevenson

“The Invisible Man” (1897) – H.G.Wells

“The Absolute At Large” (1922)- Karel Capek – Starting in 1943 as another war is on its way. A man invents what he calls a Karburator. It’s supposed to provide complete utilization of atomic energy. What it does is release God into the world with wide ranging consequences. Another great satire from Capek.

“Gulf” (1949) – Robert A.Heinlein – A secret agent is trying to get films back to headquarters that prove someone has invented the doomsday bomb known as the Nova Effect. He ends up in jail and his cellmate, Baldwin, helps him escape. He quits his job and joins up with Baldwin’s group. They’re New Men or Supermen. They use their brains instead of brawn. There’s a deep gulf between ordinary man and their group and the agent trains to use his brain and learn Speedtalk along with ESP and telepathy. Then it’s time for a mission.

“E For Effort” (1947) – T.L.Sherred –  A time viewer gives accurate portrays of history. Politicians and church higher ups try to destroy it.

“Hunter,Come Home” (1963) – Richard McKenna – The biology of a planet never dies, it just reabsorbs itself. This makes it next to impossible for a group of Earthmen to tame the planet. One group has red dots on their foreheads. That proves they successfully tested their manhood by killing a Great Russel. Those that haven’t done that are called blankeys. One of them wants to test himself. The test he goes through is something completely different.

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2 Responses to A Century Of Great Short Science Fiction Novels-Edited by Damon Knight

  1. Joseph Nebus says:

    I don’t know if I’m more impressed that I never (that I remember) heard of three of these short novels before or that I’ve never (that I remember) even heard of two of the authors. I am curious what the selections were based on. Does the introduction give any hints?

  2. vintage45 says:

    Knight didn’t do an introduction. He just introduced each story with a line or two about it and the author. He didn’t delve into why they were selected for a collection with this title. I questioned Richard McKenna who is best known for “The Sand Pebbles” which was a hit movie with Steve McQueen in 1966.

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