Thriller (1973-76)

thriller-british series

Not to be confused with the American show hosted by Boris Karloff (1960-62). This is a British horror/suspense anthology series. Each episode usually featured one American actor among the British cast.

Opening episode April 14,1973: “Lady Killer” w/Barbara Feldon, Robert Powell and Linda Thorson – Extremely boring episode that goes for a surprise ending that’s too little too late. Jenny Frifth (Barbara Feldon) is a mousy American from Muncie, Indiana on vacation in England. She’s spotted by Paul Tanner (Robert Powell) who tells someone on the phone that she’s perfect for what they have in mind.

After a whirlwind courtship they get married and move into a seaside estate. One night Jenny gets all dolled up and Paul freaks because of her changed look. They get that straightened out. Paul leaves on what he says is business. Now a visitor. He’s Paul’s old pal Jack Hardisty. He leaves a number where Paul can get in touch. He also tells Jenny that Paul was married before and Paul’s wife Toni and Jenny could be sisters..

Paul is with his wife Toni (Linda Thorson). She does have a resemblance to Jenny. They’re up to something. Paul brings a dress home for Jenny. She notices there’s a cleaning label on it. Not something you usually find on a new dress.

She searches Paul’s closet and finds a picture of Toni. She’s wearing the same dress and the same hair style as Jenny. Paul tells her he’s not trying to recreate Jenny in her image. He says she died in an accident and he was glad.

Jack drops by and Jenny goes upstairs. Jack says he knows Paul is a bigamist and exactly what he’s up to. He wants half. What he gets is killed by Paul. Paul drags the body out and tosses it off a cliff. He tells Toni what happened. She’s anxious to put their plan in motion.

As the plot unfolds it’s a real yawner. As nice as it is to see Barbara Feldon the episode isn’t worth it.

Linda Thorson took over for Diana Rigg in “The Avengers” in 1968-69 as Tara King. She starred as Rosemary King in the British soapie “Emmerdale” (2006-07).

January 28,1975 episode: “Someone At The Top Of The Stairs” w/Donna Mills and Judy Carne –  Two girls rent a room in a creepy old Victorian house in London. Gary tried to rent one but no one answered the bell. He runs into Chrissie (Donna Mills) and Gillian (Judy Carne) on his way out.

The landlady, Mrs.Oxhey, gives them a low price and they take it. Inspecting the room they find a gold locket and a newspaper from the late 1800’s. Chrissie opens the closet door and written on the door is “Help Me. Help Me.”

That night they hear a creepy noise from upstairs. they don’t know there’s a peephole in the ceiling and one in the bathroom. They also don’t know the tenant next door, Colonel Wright, searches their room and makes off with some of their underwear.

Jonathan is the Colonel’s young son. Chrissie gets him a pet kitten. The next day she finds it in the garbage can. The girls are told the man upstairs is Mr.C. He’s been  there a long time and never leaves his room.

At school Chrissie meets Gary again. He comes to see her at the house. Chrissie is freaking out. The tenants are all creepy and keep using the word marvelous. She tells Gillian she wants to leave but Gillian wants to stay until the end of the month. Now she doesn’t feel like going out and Gary leaves.

Later Gary takes her away for the weekend leaving Gillian alone in the house. On their way Gary’s car breaks down. At the house Gillian is invited to join everyone for a celebration. They don’t tell her what it’s for. She’s enlisted to take a drink upstairs to Mr.C. Now things get creepy.

The ending really drags and is obvious along with a lot of corn.


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