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Cry Danger (1951)

Classic noir film that all fans should see. After five years of a life sentence a man is released from prison after a witness confirms his alibi. Now he wants to find the real crooks so his partner Danny Morgan can be released … Continue reading

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The Interloper (The Ex-Duke)-E.Phillips Oppenheim (1925)

Oppenheim was famous for his hundreds of spy and espionage novels. This is not one of them. It’s billed as a novel of social intrigue. It’s a story of revenge without violence and moves quickly. It also reads like a … Continue reading

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Complete 1950-1954 Studio-Issued Recordings-The Four Freshmen With The Stan Kenton Orchestra

Twenty-nine tracks from the original Four Freshmen. Their tight harmonies inspired The Beach Boys and others and they were considered one of the best Jazz vocal groups ever. Highlights include: “It’s A Blue World”, “Baltimore Oriole”, “Tenderly”, “Seems Like Old … Continue reading


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The Baron (1966-67)

Good series based on the character created by John Creasey in 1937. Creasey used the name Anthony Morton for the Baron books. The last one published was in 1979. The Baron is John Mannering who started out as a jewel … Continue reading

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I don’t like making lists..Music Department…But…

This blog covers favorites in Jazz, R & B, Doo Wop, Pop,Nostalgia and some early Blues and Country-Western. I’m a fan of Edison Cylinders on up but don’t post Rock favorites because they just wouldn’t fit with the overall blog. … Continue reading

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Address:Centauri-F.L.Wallace (1955)

This is based on the 1952 story “Accidental Flight.” Floyd Wallace wrote a number of mysteries and SF short stories. This is his only SF novel. Humans have settled the solar system and are they are all beautiful and perfect. … Continue reading

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Get That Girl (1932)

Put this on the must see list. The storyline is thin, the characters are even thinner but it’s an hour of fun with a movie that may supposed to have been taken seriously in its day but it just can’t … Continue reading

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The Omnibus Of Crime-Edited by Dorothy L.Sayers (1929)

Sixty-two stories contained in eleven hundred-seventy-seven pages from  1837,65,69,81,93,95,98,99,1900,02,06,07,10,11,18,19,20,22 ,23,27,28,29. The huge book is divided into separate sections: PRIMITIVES  Four ancient very short stories translated from Oriental languages as well as Latin and Greek. THE MODERN DETECTIVE STORY: favorites: “The … Continue reading

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Lost And Found:Breaking Through-The Four Tops (1963-1964)

This is actually the debut album of the group. Nineteen tracks that show just what a great group they are with pop songs and standards before becoming a hit machine with the Motown formula. Those used to the Top 40 … Continue reading

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The Drums Of Jeopardy (1931)

One of my favorite movies of the early 30’s. Despite its flaws I enjoyed every minute of this melodramatic story involving suicide, murder, revenge, a cursed necklace, betrayal, Russian royalty, evil Bolsheviks, flying bullets, machine guns, American Secret Service agents … Continue reading

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