Route 66 (1960-64)

Martin Milner-George Maharis

Martin Milner-George Maharis


Martin Milner is Ted Stiles and George Maharis is Buz Murdock. They travel the country in their Corvette. It’s a journey of self discovery and also explores the changing lifestyles in America. The show was filmed on locations all across the country. Maharis left the show in 1963 and was replaced by Glenn Corbett as Lincoln Case. The last episode ended their journey in Houston.

May 3,1963 episode: “But What Do You Do In March? w/Janice Rule, Susan Kohner, Kay Medford. Sammy Shore, Guy Lombardo and Carmen Lombardo – Flat comedy episode laced with quickie romance about two rich women who can’t stop competing with each other. Tod and Linc are in Tierra Verde Island off St.Petersburg, Florida. One of its big attractions is Guy Lombardo’s Port O Call Lodge. Tod sells lots in a new housing development and Linc works construction building a sea wall.

They’re out fishing in a small outboard when they spot a plane speeding along. Then here comes a hydrofoil going so fast they’re swamped and tossed into the water. Tod is out for revenge. They drive to the dock and see the boat being put in place. There’s a goofy guy named Bix (Sammy Shore) blowing a trumpet. Tod thinks he was the driver and slugs him knocking him into the water.

Wrong. Here comes the real driver, Midge Pierrepont (Susan Kohner). He picks her up and tosses her in. Bix works for her. Her friend Sidney Brookes (Janice Rule) was flying the plane. The two are competing in a boat race. Of course they get involved with Tod and Linc. Sidney offers Guy Lomardo a lot of money for an exclusive. He wants to wait to hear from Midge first. Now there’s a really bad attempt at comedy from Bix. (Mr.Beiderbecke would take his name back if he were still around).

Tod is trying to sell a home to a couple (Kay Medford and Paul Reed) when Janice shows up. Meanwhile Midge has her sites set on Linc. She wants Tod to drive in the race. Midge hires Linc. Tod turns her down but when Linc drives by in the boat and soaks Tod on the beach while he’s showing the couple the area he takes the job.

Now it’s the big race. The title is explained by the end of the episode.

The credits say introducing Sammy Shore. I’ve seen him perform in casinos and know he can be funny. I’m sure he didn’t write his unfunny lines for this show.

Paul Reed was Captain Block in “Car 54, Where Are You?”(1961-63).


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