Boston Blackie’s Rendezvous (1945)

boston blackie's rendezvous 1945

Ninth entry in the series starring Chester Morris as Blackie and George E .Stone as his pal The Runt. Also on hand are Richard Lane as Inspector Faraday and Frank Sully as the befuddled Detective Sgt.Matthews. Steve Cochran is really good as the crazy strangler Jimmy Cook. Nina Foch is taxi dancer Sally Brown and the always fun to watch Idris Adrian is her roommate Martha. She’s also the hatcheck girl at Danceland.

Blackie’s friend Arthur Manleder asks Blackie to find his nephew Jimmy who has escaped from a sanitarium. Jimmy strangled a nurse on his way out. He says he hasn’t been right in the head since a car crash. He doesn’t want any scandal so he wants Blackie to find him ASAP. They don’t know it but Jimmy is listening outside a window.

The Runt drives Arthur home and Blackie is about to get some sleep. He can forget it as Jimmy climbs in through the window and denies what his uncle said. Blackie says he’ll help him and goes to call the sanitarium to take him back. Jimmy knocks him out.

The Runt finds Blackie on the floor. He finds a diary that Jimmy dropped. It has a clipping about a taxi dancer named Sally Brown (Nina Foch). Jimmy is obsessed with her and has been writing her poetic fan letters. They head to Danceland. Jimmy got there earlier and took off with dancer Patricia.

They have a cab driver take them where he took Jimmy and Patricia. It’s in the middle of nowhere. Faraday is there with a bunch of cops. Patricia has been strangled. Faraday takes them both to the station. Meanwhile, Jimmy is in Blackie’s hotel room writing a note to Sally that he’ll see her that night. The chamber maid comes in and gets suspicious. Jimmy strangles her.

Now there are the usual mixups  as Sally thinks Blackie is the strangler and Jimmy is Blackie. As with other movies in the series Blackie and Runt disguise themselves in blackface and pose as char women. Also in a running bit from the other movies Chester Morris gets to perform some magic tricks.

The main reasons to watch this are Steve Cochran and Idris Adrian.


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