Get That Girl (1932)

Richard Talmadge

Put this on the must see list. The storyline is thin, the characters are even thinner but it’s an hour of fun with a movie that may supposed to have been taken seriously in its day but it just can’t be viewed that way. Richard Talmadge runs, jumps, climbs, fights and does some bad driving as he tries to rescue an heiress from some evil crooks.

Ruth Dale (Shirley Grey) is being followed by three guys as she heads for the train station. A truck blocks their way and she gets on the train.  Getting on board at the last second is Dick Bartlett (Richard Talmadge).

He makes her reluctant acquaintance. The two are reading the New Yorker when she gets a telegram It warns her that she’s being followed and a bodyguard will meet her. The three who were following her get a cab and meet the train down the line. One of them pretends to be an ailing old woman.

One of them starts a fake fight with Dick to get him away from Ruth. The conductor falls for it and tosses Dick off the train and tells a cop to keep an eye on him. Meanwhile on board the crooks get Ruth and take her off. Dick runs, jumps and climbs his way back to the train with the help of a stolen motorcycle. He sees Ruth being taken away. He finds a letter from Ruth’s lawyer saying she’s inheriting her uncle’s estate.

Ruth is driven to the sanatarium of the mad Doctor Sandro Tito and his knockout wife Nedra (Geneva Mitchell).  The crooks demand she sign a paper but she tears it up. Sandro wants to keep her for medical experiments. Dick is in pursuit and makes his way there. Once inside things really get ridiculous and that just makes this more fun. There’s a creepy gardener, a drunken plumber and for no reason at all a man in a suit of armor. That’s not to mention the fight scenes where Dick takes on six guys and doesn’t break a sweat.

Talmadge produced this movie and thirteen others. he was also a stuntman and an acrobat.

Geneva Mitchell


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