The Baron (1966-67)

the baron

Good series based on the character created by John Creasey in 1937. Creasey used the name Anthony Morton for the Baron books. The last one published was in 1979. The Baron is John Mannering who started out as a jewel thief, reformed and became an antiques dealer who is also an undercover agent. American Steve Forrest is Mannering and his partner Cordelia Winfield is played by Sue Lloyd.

February 15,1967 episode: “Seven Eyes Of Night” w/Jeremy Brett –  In France,Mannering goes to the home of Madame Devereaux to buy a necklace for three hundred thousand dollars. It was a gift from Napoleon to Josephine and is known as the seven eyes of night.

He doesn’t know it but two men are waiting for him in his motel room. One of them is Jeff Walker (Jeremy Brett). When Mannering returns he spots a cigarette in an ash tray. He manages to force the two to get in a car and take off. He thinks they’ll be surprised when they open the case they stole from him. The joke’s on him. They got away with the necklace. Madame Devereaux is the only one who knew the case had a false bottom.

Mannering goes back to the house. The furniture is all covered up. He hides as Madame Devereaux returns. He confronts her. It’s not the same woman who was there before. This one is the real Madame Devereaux. He calls the police and then the safe is opened. The necklace is in there.

On the road are Jeff, his partner and the fake Madame Devereaux wearing glasses and a wig. She’s really Nancy Cummings who used to work for the real Devereaux as her secretary.  They’re on their way to Paris with Mannering’s three hundred grand. Jeff decides to pull over in a secluded spot saying they should take a rest. He and his partner leave the car. Jeff shoots him. He tells Nancy he pulled a gun and didn’t have a choice.

In Paris Jeff goes to Nancy’s flat. They leave for the garage where Nancy has her car. She doesn’t know it but Jeff plants the wig and glasses in it. Back in her flat Cordelia and Mannering are there when Nancy walks in. Mannering gets suspicious when she doesn’t call the cops.

Mannering goes to the garage and finds the wig and glasses in the car. He knows something’s up but can’t figure out exactly what. Jeff is talking to someone on the phone and says Nancy is getting edgy, just like he wants her to be. Nancy calls him and he lets the phone ring for a while getting her even more upset.

That night Jeff and Nancy go back to the Devereaux home to steal the necklace. Nancy knows the combination to the safe. They have a surprise coming.

Steve Forrest appeared in a lot of movies and TV episodes. He starred as Lt.Dan “Hondo” Harrelson in “S.W.A.T.” (1975-76).

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