Cry Danger (1951)

Classic noir film that all fans should see. After five years of a life sentence a man is released from prison after a witness confirms his alibi. Now he wants to find the real crooks so his partner Danny Morgan can be released from his sentence.

Rocky (Dick Powell) gets off the train from prison a free man. His picture is on the front page along with the Marine that cleared him. Rocky said he was drinking with a group of Marines when the robbery was committed. A guard was killed. Waiting for him is police Lt.Cobb (Regis Toomey) and Delong (Rihard Erdman) the Marine whose testimony freed him.

Cobb wants to find the money and doesn’t believe Rocky is innocent. Rocky and Delong go to a bar for a drink. Rocky says he doesn’t remember him and wants to know why he lied to get him out. Delong says it was because he wanted some of the money.

The two move into a trailer park where Nancy Morgan (Rhonda Fleming) lives. She’s Danny’s wife and Rocky’s ex girlfriend. Delong is busy with blonde pickpocket Darlene (Jean Porter) while Rocky visits a bar owned by Louie Castro (William Conrad). Cobb follows him.

Castro masterminded the robbery and asked Rocky to be the wheelman. He declined and now he finds out Danny took the job. Rocky wants fifty grand from the robbery to pay for his years in prison. Castro gives him five hundred bucks to bet on a fixed horse race that will get him four grand.

Returning to the trailer park, someone takes a shot at Rocky. The next day he goes to a hotel cigar counter to place the bet. The horse wins. He goes to a deli to collect his winnings. The bookie (Hy Averback) pays off. Now his troubles really begin.

The movie holds your interest all the way through and should be put on a must see list. Look real fast for Kathleen Freeman as a girl behind the cigar counter.

Richard Erdman was a staple of movies and TV. His most recent role was Leonard on the series “Community” (2009-11).

Regis Toomey-Dick Powell-Richard Erdman


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