Cast A Dark Shadow (1955)

Dirk Bogarde’s performance is reason enough to see this one. He’s a fortune hunter who has a thing for rich widows. The credits say “Introducing Lita Roza.” She’s a singer in a club. She’s not very good.

Edward Bare (Dirk Bogarde) is married to Monica, a much older woman. Returning home from their second honeymoon their lawyer Philip is waiting. He and Edward can’t stand each other. Also in the house is clueless housekeeper Emmie.

Edward is out of the room when Monica tells Philip she wants to make a new will leaving everything to Edward. Her original will leaves the house to Edward but all her money to her sister Dora in Kingston, Jamaica. Philip advises against it but that’s what she wants. He’ll be by tomorrow so she can sign it.

That night Edward drugs her tea and sets up an “accident” in front of ther gas fireplace. The inquest says accidental death. Philip reminds him if further evidence comes up the inquiry can be re-opened. Edward also finds out he jumped the gun by a day in bumping off Monica.

Time to hunt up another rich widow. He finds Freda Jeffries (Margaret Lockwood) at a seaside resort. One laugh is the name of the trio in the restaurant. Considering the music they play and that they call themselves The Rocketeers is funny.

Edward manages to get married to Freda. At the reception his friend Charlie reminds him he owes him for the seaside trip. Edward didn’t count on Freda being tough as nails and holding on to her money. One afternoon a car is broken down outside the house.

That’s when they meet Charlotte Young (Kay Walsh). She’s on her own and appears rich. That’s all Edward neeeds to start his campaign to get wife number three and get rid of Freda.

It comes to an obvious ending but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth watching. Defintely check it out.

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