Lucky Jordan (1942)

Good one with Alan Ladd as a gangster AWOL from the Army, Helen Walker as a WAC, Sheldon Leonard as his henchman out to replace him and a bit from Lloyd Corrigan as his lawyer. There are some light touches heer and there and also a thread of patriotism running throughout that fits right in. The soundtrack constantly features an orchestra playing bits of “I Remeber You.”

Lucky Jordan (Alan Ladd) runs the rackets.  He always uses a double who leaves a place before him. One day he sends the double out last. He’s gunned down. Behind the attempt is Jordan’s henchman Slip Moran (Sheldon Leonard). When Lucky goes back to his office there’s Slip sitting in his chair.

Lucky gets a draft notice. His lawyer, Ernest Higgins (Lloyd Corrigan) tries to get him out it,. He even pays alcoholic Annie (Mabel Paige) to pose as his mother. Nothing works.

Somehow Jordan manages to hangout in the Canteen all the time where he meets Jill (Helen Walker). Annie comes in posing as his mother because she wants some money. Jill turns him in and Jordan is locked up. He manages to get a ride and breaks out.

On the road he’s jumped by a couple guys who then take off when Jill drives up. Jordan forces her to go with him. Jill tosses a briefcase out of the car thinking he’ll have to stop. He informs her it wasn’t his.

Back in the city he stashes Jill at a friends’ place. Back at his office Slip tells him he sent the guys after him and then he mentions the briefcase. It’s full of information on tanks Slip wants to sell the enemy for fifty grand. Slip and Jordan take Helen back to where she threw the briefcase.

Jordan finds it and tosses the contents out. Slip pulls a gun on him. Jordan gets the best of him, returns the contents to the briefcase and takes off with Jill. Jill eventually gets away from him. Back to the city. Jordan says he’ll meet Slip with the briefcase and he wants the money.

Before he can get to the meeting Annie spots him and says a bunch of torpedos are waiting for him. She offers to let him stay at her place. He does and hides the briefcase in a hole in the wall. He doesn’t know it but the Nazi agents followed him.

He goes to meet Slip again and ups the price. When he gets back to Annie’s place it’s a wreck and so is Annie. He gets the briefcase from the wall but is hit over the head and it’s stolen from him. After what’s happened to Annie he tells her he’ll get a doctor for her and his mind seems to be changing about things.

The suspense mounts as the movie continues and it is well worth seeing.

This was Helen Walker’s first movie. She didn’t do a whole lot afterwards. She played Alicia Brown in the 1955 classic “The Big Combo.”

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