The Edgar Award Book-Edited by Martin H.Greenberg

martin h greenberg (editor)-the edgar award book

Twenty-five stories that either won the Mystery Writers of America Edgar Award or were nominated for it. They’re from 1956,68,73,75,79,80,82,83,84,87-93,96. Favorites:

“Breakfast Television” – Robert Barnard (1097) – While her husband hosts a live morning TV show, she’s hosting a student across the hall. She doesn’t realize her husband is also seeing her taped “show”.

“Mefisto In Onyx” –  Harlan Ellison (1993) – A deputy D.A. has her doubts after getting the death penalty for a serial killer. She asks he boyfriend to get into the man’s mind to find out for sure.

“There Are No Snakes In Ireland” (1982) – Frederick Forsyth – Edgar Award winning story about a man from India who is a medical student. He needs money so he hires on to a demolition crew in Ireland. The boss is a bigot and humiliates him. He’s out for revenge.

“Scrimshaw” – Brian Garfield (1979) – A down on her luck woman runs into an old friend who is now an artist doing scrimshaw work. She never should have visited his studio.

“Challenge The Widow-Maker- Clark Howard (1990) -A surfer in Hawaii has a crooked parole officer. After being out for five years the officer tells him to take part in a jewelry robbery with another parolee.

“Mary,Mary,Shut The Door” – Benjamin M.Schutz (1992) – A detective is hired to put everyone in his agency into researching a man about to marry a rich man’s daughter. He doesn’t have much time before the wedding.

“Too Many Crooks” – Donald E.Westlake (1989) – Dortmunder and Kelp break into a bank vault through a wall. To their surprise it’s loaded with hostages. The crooks are waiting outside.

Other authors: Lawrence Block, Liza Cody, Dorothy Salisbury Davis, Stanley Ellin, Ed Gorman, Joseph Hansen, Edward D.Hoch, Wendy Hornsby, Evan Hunter, P.D.James, Gabrielle Kraft, Michael Z.Lewin, John Lutz, Joyce Carol Oates, Bill Pronzini, Ruth Rendell and Paul Theroux.


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