What Price Crime (1935)

what price crime 1935

One of those awkward early crime movies that’s a lot of fun because it doesn’t make any logical sense. Incidents are tossed in for purposes of suspense and excitement without paying attention to any semblance of reality.

A gang is robbing guns from government warehouses. In the latest robbery the night watchman and one of the gang are shot. The coppers need help. They call in Allen Grey (Charles Starrett).

On his way to Chief Radcliffe’s office Allen gets into a fender bender with Sandra Worthington (Virginia Cherrill) whose out cruising with her mother. She likes to drive fast. The accident is her fault and Allen is ready to rumble….until he sees Sandra. He takes the blame.

Radcliffe says the dead crook had a book of matches on him from the a nightclub owned by Douglas Worthington (Noel Madison). Allen’s old college roommate tells the chief that he was a champion boxer in college. It’s decided that he’ll become a boxer to draw Doug’s attention.

Allen wins a number of bouts and then has to fight one of Doug’s boys. The fight scene is the usual hilarious exhibition of terrible boxing. Allen wins and gets in with Doug. He’s also in with Sandra who doesn’t have a clue that her brother is a crook or that Allen is a cop..

One night outside the Worthington home Allen hides in the bushes. When Doug arrives Allen fires several shots from his gun. He tells Doug he saw someone in the bushes but the man got away. Doug asks why he carries a gun. With an aww shucks demeanor he tells Doug he uses to be in a racket and some of his gang isn’t happy he got out. Doug buys the story.

There’s trouble as one of Doug’s gang spots Allen talking with Radcliffe. He reports to the boss. Now the movie becomes even more fun as things happen because they just do. Worth checking out.

Virginia Cherrill was married to Cary Grant for less than year between 1934-35.


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