Black Angel (1946)

Based on the Cornell Woolrich novel and starring Dan Duryea, June Vincent, Peter Lorre and Broderick Crawford. This is a good one about an innocent man convicted of murder and his loyal wife trying to find the real killer.

Songwriter Marty Blair (Dan Duryea) sends a brooch to his estranged wife Mavis on their anniversary. She phones down to the doorman not to let him in now or ever. He used to write songs for her and made her a successful singer.

On his way out a man passes Marty and asks for Mavis’ apartment. Outside is Captain Flood (Broderick Crawford) and his partner in a police car. Marty goes on a drunk.

Going into Mavis’ place is Kirk Bennett. A record is playing. No Mavis. He discovers her body in another room. She’s been strangled and the brooch is gone. Kirk sees the front door open. He goes to see who left and locks himself out. The elevator comes up and as Mavis’ maid comes out Kirk runs down the stairs. She sees him.

Kirk is convicted of the murder and is sentenced to death. His wife Kathy (June Vincent) decides to investigate. She overhears a woman talking about Marty. She folloes it up and goes to his place. He’s passed out from another binge.

The two eventually join forces. Marty sees a picture of Kirk on Kathy’s piano. That’s not who he saw pass him at Mavis’ place. Through a phone number written inside a book of matches they go to the Rio nightclub. It’s owned by Marko (Peter Lorre). Inside Marty spots Marko as the man that passed him.

Marty and Kathy change their last names and get hired as entertainers at the club. Kathy thinks the brooch is in Marko’s safe. Marty and Kathy aren’t as clever as they think and things take a turn.  Noir fans should check it out and also the Woolrich novel. The movie plays fair and two important clues are given in the beginning.


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