Son Of Dracula (1943)

Universal should have quit while it was ahead. As a horror movie this doesn’t work at all. But as campy fun you just might enjoy it. Lon Chaney,Jr. dons the cape as Dracula.

Col.Caldwell is giving a reception at Dark Oaks Plantation for Count Alucard. His luggage shows up. He doesn’t. Kay Caldwell (Louise Allbritton) visits Queen Zimba. She has some dire predictions for Kay’s future. Before she can continue they’re visited by a rubber bat. That’s it for the Queen. Her old heart just couldn’t take it.

Back outside the house Kay’s fiancee Frank (Robert Paige) wants to get her away from there. He thinks she’s too much into the occult. They spot smoke coming from her father’s room. No one knows the rubber bat has been flying around upstairs. The Colonel is history. Looks like he was frightened to death. And what are those marks on his neck?

The party’s over and everyone leaves. That’s when the Count shows up. He doesn’t stay long. The next day at the lawyer’s office the will is read splitting everything between Kay and her sister Claire (Evelyn Ankers). But wait. Daddy made a new will that Kay presents. It leaves her the plantation and Claire the money. Outside the office Dr.Brewster and Claire talk about their concern for Kay. She’s spending less time with Frank and more with the Count.

Family friend Dr.Brewster (Frank Craven) finally spells Alucard backwards and calls his pal Professor Lazlo. He explains about vampires. Meanwhile Kay goes to the swamp. There’s a floating box. Smoke comes out. It’s the Count. Frank follows them but loses the trail when a tree falls on his car.

Kay and the Count go to a JP and get married. Later Frank confronts them at Dark Oaks. The Count tosses him around. Frank pulls a gun. He shoots the Count. The bullets go through him and into Kay.

Frank runs to the swamp. He doesn’t know the rubber bat is following. When he comes to he heads for Dr.Brewster’s and tells him what happened. Brewster’s pal Lazlo drops by for a visit. Frank goes to the sheriff and confesses to killing Kay.

Brewster and Lazlo talk over how to get rid of the Count when who should show up………Good thing Lazlo carries a cross. Now the movie gets really laughable with a scene in Frank’s jail cell with Kay. This is not a classic horror film but it does have a nice fun factor.

Robert Paige made mostly B movies. His final role was Ben Precht in 1963’s “Bye Bye Birdie.”

Frank Craven gained fame in 1940 as the stage manager in “Our Town.”

Sarah the maid is played by Etta McDaniel, Hattie’s sister.


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1 Response to Son Of Dracula (1943)

  1. elmediat says:

    Remember seeing this as a kid on the Friday Fright-night late show. As a kid it was impressive. Good fun. 🙂

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