The Good Die Young (1954)

the good die young 1954

Excellent well acted crime movie that takes place in London. It belongs on a must see list.

It opens with four men riding in a car. They are:

Joe Halsey (Richard Basehart). He’s married to Mary (Joan Collins). He’s back from Korea and is suspicious that his wife is in England with her supposedly sick mother. Going to London costs him his job. He finds out his domineering mother-in-law is playing at being sick so Mary will stay with her. Then he finds out that Mary is pregnant. He wants them to return to America but her mother keeps pulling stunts to keep Mary there. Eventually Joe is broke. In a pub he meets his friend…..

Eddie Blaine (John Ireland). He’s in the Army and is on leave. His wife Denise (Gloria Grahame) is an actress. She’s also being unfaithful with actor Tod Maslin (Lee Patterson). Eddie cventually goes AWOL to deal with the situation.

Mike Morgan (Stanley Baker) is a boxer. He’s managed to save almost a thousand pounds over a twelve year career. Tonight is his last fight. The purse will put him at a thousand. He manages to win despite a broken hand. He’s married to sweet and innocent Angie (Rene Ray). She has a brother who is always in trouble and in need of cash. Watching the bout is…

Miles “Rave” Ravenscourt (Laurence Harvey). He’s married to the wealthy Eve (Margaret Leighton). When he’s not running around on her he’s racking up gambling debts. Finally Eve has had it and says no more money. She’s off to Kenya to work in her father’s business. Rave sees his father (Robert Morley) at his club and hits him up for a loan. Tired of his always being idle he refuses.

Eddie and Joe are old friends. They meet Mike and Rave in the pub. All four are down on their luck. Mike’s hand has been amputated and he can’t find a job. Everyone is broke. Rave has an idea.

He says a hundred thousand pounds in unmarked used bills is due at the post office in a couple days. It’s back to the opening scene of the four in a car Rave stole. He has another surprise for them.

I’ll repeat….don’t miss this one.




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