The Monolith Monsters (1957)

You know the budget’s low when the monsters are rocks. That’s right….rocks. The special effects are so bad that they’re actually fun to watch. The movie starts with a Paul Frees voiceover warning about meteors.

Geologist Ben Gilbert brings back a black rock he found in the desert outside San Angelo, California. That night he leaves the office window open. The wind knock some water onto the rock. Uh-oh.

The next day Dave Miller (Grant Williams) returns to find the office a wreck and Ben looking like he’s made out of stone. When he tips over and breaks into pieces that proves it. Also, there are black rocks all over the place.

Meanwhile, Dave’s girlfriend Kathy the school teacher (Lola Albright) is on a field trip to the desert with her elementary school students. One of them, Ginny Simpson, picks up a rock and takes it home. Her mother doesn’t want that dirty thing in the house. Ginny drops it in a big bucket of water outside to wash it.

Dave and Kathy drive out to the Simpson ranch. It’s a disaster. Black rocks everywhere. Ginny is in shock and Mom..well…if the local park needs a new statue she’ll fit right in. Dave and Kathy tear into L.A. with Ginny whose hand is as hard as a rock.

Back in town local newspaper editor/writer Martin Cochrane (Les Tremayne) may finally have something to write about. Dave presses Professor Arthur Flanders into service. Out in the desert they discover a huge meteor in a crater. So that’s where the rocks came from!  In the lab the two can’t get a handle on things until a small piece drops into the sink and water gets on it.

And now…’s a thunderstorm. The meteor is growing into skyscrapers and then falling over making tons of little rocks. The rocks are heading for town. They’re doomed! They’re all doomed!

TV fans remember Grant Williams as Gregg MacKenzie on “Hawaiian Eye” (1960-63).  His most famous movie SF role was in 1957 as Scott Carey in “The Incredible Shrinking Man.” He made that before this one.

Lola Albright is well known to TV fans as Peter Gunn’s girlfriend Edie Hart (1958-61).

Les Tremayne appeared in most major TV shows and a few dozen movies. In the early days of TV he was Inspector Richard Queen in “The Further Adventures Of Ellery Queen” (1958-59).

Look out!! Here they come!!


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2 Responses to The Monolith Monsters (1957)

  1. I’ve enjoyed Grant Williams in other vehicles, especially in “The Incredible Shrinking Man” but his performance here is so stiff, at times he also resembles a metamorphic rock formation. However, Lola was always hot stuff. Maybe I’m crazy, but do I detect Jack Arnold’s influence all over this film?

  2. vintage45 says:

    Some of the desert scenes were reminiscent of “Tarantula” which was only two years before this one. I agree about Grant Williams so-called performance here. It’s pretty bad when you’re upstaged by a rock.

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