The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour (1957-60)

the lucy-desi comedy hour

The one hour sequel to “I Love Lucy.” The Ricardos are living in the country. Their landlords are Fred and Ethel. Each episode features a guest star. There were thirteen episodes in all.

Final episode: April 1,1960: “Lucy Meets The Mustache” w/Ernie Kovacs and Edie Adams – Ricky’s depressed that he hasn’t had any offers for TV or the movies. He doesn’t think he should have to audition. Lucy schemes to get him on the Ernie Kovacs show.

Earlier Crandall, the Kovacs’ chauffeur dropped Little Ricky (Richard Keith) off from school in the limo. Lucy and Ethel are shocked to learn the car actually has a phone in it. Since Little Ricky is friends with the Kovacs’ daughter, Lucy uses that as an excuse to invite Ernie and Edie over for dinner.

What she really wants to do is get Ricky to sing as an audition without him realizing it. She tells Ethel to ask for some entertainment and then Lucy will hand Ricky a guitar.

Ethel brings it up and Ernie thinks it’s a cue for him to do some magic tricks. She tries again and Edie sings a great version of “That’s All.” Ernie says he wants to hear Ricky. Before Lucy can get the guitar Ernie says he’s talking about Little Ricky playing the drums. He plays a short solo. Just as it looks like Lucy’s plan will finally work Ernie’s watch alarm goes off and they have to leave.

Ernie calls from the car and says he wants Ricky on his show. Ricky is all cheered up. Then Ernie tells Lucy he’s talking abut Little Ricky. Now she starts to scheme again.

The next day she goes to their house. Edie says Ernie is unapproachable before he has his coffee. Lucy barges ahead anyway. Ernie’s trying to shave and Lucy almost makes him cut himself and he throws her out.

Crandall stops by later on to retrieve Ernie’s cigar case he left at the house last night. It’s empty so Lucy fills it with cigars. Then she finds out they’re exploding cigars Little Ricky got from the joke shop. Ernie lights up in the car. Lucy’s too late with her warning.

Later on she goes and visits Edie and tells her what’s going on. She found a letter Ricky wrote to his uncle in Cuba. He says he’s giving up show biz and will run his tobacco plantation. Edie says Ernie is going to the country club to meet his sponsor. Crandall comes in and says he’s meeting Ernie at the station. That gives Lucy an idea. She’ll disguise herself as Crandall.

She’s surprised at the train station to see Ernie come down the steps with Ricky. In the car Ernie gets a call from Edie. She unwittingly spills the beans about Lucy’s disguise. Ernie and Ricky decide to have some fun.

Ernie is really restrained in this episode but that’s what the script called for. You can’t go wrong with Edie singing.

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