The Legion Of Missing Men (1937)

Dull account of the French Foreign Legion, an Arab bandit and two brothers who get in a heap of trouble and the woman who tries to make it right.

Bob Carter (Ralph Forbes) is a professional soldier. He’s glad his brother is safe back home in college. Bob’s company is making their way through the desert back to base. They were attacked by bandit Sheik Ahmed and his men and their machine guns stolen. Driving them is Sgt.Garcia who the men hate.

They make it back and get a night on the town before they have to take a hand in training new recruits. Cafe singer Nina de Bernay (Hala Linda) is attracted to Bob. He thinks she’s Sgt.Garcia’s girl and leaves her alone.

The new recruits are in town and whaddya know…one of them is Bob’s brother Don (Ben Alexander). Don has the hots for Nina. She likes him but that’s it. Sgt.Garcia walks into the cafe and starts trouble with Nina. Don slugs him. Now he’s in jail for striking a superior officer and is headed for the penal brigade.

Bob talks the Colonel into giving Don another chance. Too late. Two of Ahmed’s men break Don out of prison. Nina asked Ahmed for his help. It played right into his hands since he needs a Legionnaire to put the machine guns together.

Bob and his pals Muggsy and Bilgey go after Don. They end up being captured by Ahmed’s men. Nina shows up and finally realizes Ahmed isn’t her friend. Ahmed forces the Legionnaires to assemble the machine guns so he can attack a nearby fort.

The final battle scene is pretty lame and the ending is loaded with corn. This is a waste of time.

Ralph Forbes made numerous movies including “The Hound Of The Baskervilles” in 1939 where he played Sir Hugo Baskerville.

TV fans know Ben Alexander as Officer Frank Smith on “Dragnet” (1952-59) and as Desk Sgt.Dan Briggs on “Felony Squad” (1966-69).

This was Hala Linda’s only movie.

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