Scream Of Fear (1961)

Sometimes billed as a horror movie but it’s really a mystery thriller. Susan Strasberg stars as a woman confined to a wheelchair who keeps seeing her dead father. Christopher Lee has a small part as a Doctor. He uses a French accent. Ann Todd is her stepmother and Ronald Lewis is the chauffeur.

Her mother died years ago and now her companion Maggie accidentally drowned.  Penny Appleby (Susan Strasberg) has been in a whelchair for ten years following a horseback riding accident. When her companion dies she returns to her father’s estate in France.

Robert (Ronald Lewis) the chauffeur meets her and says her father was called away. When she arrives at the house she meets her stepmother Jane (Ann Todd). That night she sees a candle in the summer house and investigates. When she goes inside she sees a burning candle and in the chair is her father….dead. She screams and faints.

When she wakes up Dr.Pierre Gerrard (Christopher Lee) is there with a sedative. The next day they go into the summer house. No Daddy. Gerrard and Jane both comment on how her father said she was always overly imaginative as a child.  Later on the phone rings. Jane says it’s for her. It’s her father.

Later she hears a piano playing. When she goes into the room no one’s there and the piano is locked. Robert is her ally. She tells him that her father’s will leaves everything to her. If she’s not of sound mind everything goes to Jane.  Robert says he smells a rat and that her father may have died as the result of an accident. It’s possible Jane and Gerrard are hiding the body until Penny goes insane. Then they’ll bring the body out.

Maybe Jane and Gerrard are keeping the body on ice until they need it. The two go to look for it. The first stop is the freezer. Anything further would be a spoiler.

It’s not a bad movie and Strasberg is excellent at projecting vulnerablity.

Susan Strasberg

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