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Convicts At Large (1938)

A sure cure for insomnia. An innocent architect is mistaken for a jewel thief who busted out of the big house. Dave Brent (Ralph Forbes) is enamored by the voice of singer/tap dancer Ruth Porter (Paula Stone) on the radio. … Continue reading

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The Angel Of Terror (The Destroying Angel)-Edgar Wallace (1922)

One of my favorites from the prolific Wallace, the premier mystery/thriller writer of the early 20th century. The angel of the title will stop at nothing to get what she wants and comes up with some bizarre schemes to get … Continue reading

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Lost In Space (1965-68)-Unaired Pilot-1965

Guy “Zorro” Williams is Professor John Robinson, June Lockhart is his wife Maureen. Marta Kristen is daughter Judy and Angela Cartwright is young daughter Penny. Rounding out  the family is Billy Mumy as son Will. Also in the cast are … Continue reading

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Play Piano Play 1950-1953-Erroll Garner Trio

Twenty-one great tracks that are perfect for anyone looking for the best in piano Jazz. Highlights include: “Body And Soul”, “Ja-Da”, “Undecided” and “Robbins Nest.”

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Gorilla Ship (1932)

A jealous husband takes his wife and their best friend on a cruise. Now why would he want the man he’s jealous of along for the ride? Meanwhile Captain Gorilla Larson is set to sail to the South Seas. Their … Continue reading

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Captives Of The Flame-Samuel R.Delany (Fall Of The Towers Series) (1963)/The Psionic Menace-Keith Woodcott (John Brunner) (1963)

First book in “The Fall Of The Towers” trilogy. The second is “The Towers Of Toron” (1964), the third is “City Of A Thousand Suns” (1965). This entry was rewritten in 1966 as “Out Of The Dead City.” This is … Continue reading

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Public Enemy’s Wife (1936)

A decent mix of crime and comedy as the G-Men are after an escaped con who refused to testify against his boss. His wife better look out as he swore to kill any man she got involved with. Mike Corelli … Continue reading

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Flight To Mars (1951)

If you like your dumb SF movies in color instead of black and white then this one is for you. A group of character actors blast off to Mars and find other character actors. Interesting to note that Martian women … Continue reading

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The Year’s Best Fantasy And Horror-Ninth Annual Collection-Edited by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling (1995)

Forty-five stories and poems all but one from 1995 Favorites: “Screens” – Terry Lamsley (Novelette)- A newcomer in an English village ends up being best friends with his neighbor, a woman older than him. It’s not romance but a good … Continue reading

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Alias Smith And Jones (1971-73)

TV jumps on the “Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid” bandwagon with Ben Murphy as Jed “Kid” Curry aka/Thaddeus Jones and Peter Duel as Hannibal Heyes aka/Joshua Smith. They’re wanted outlaws offered amnesty if they stay out of trouble for … Continue reading

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