Alias Smith And Jones (1971-73)

alias smith and jones-ben murphy-peter duel

TV jumps on the “Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid” bandwagon with Ben Murphy as Jed “Kid” Curry aka/Thaddeus Jones and Peter Duel as Hannibal Heyes aka/Joshua Smith. They’re wanted outlaws offered amnesty if they stay out of trouble for a year and don’t tell anyone. They were given the aliases Smith and Jones by their old pal Lom Trevors who is now a sheriff. Narrator Roger Davis took over the part of Hannibal Hayes after Peter Duel’s suicide in 1971.

Opening episode: January 5,1971: “Alias Smith And Jones” w/Forrest Tucker, Susan Saint James, James Drury, Jeanette Nolan, Earl Holliman, John Russell and Sid Haig – The gang finds out the hard way that safes are getting harder to crack. Thanks to some wet dynamite an attempt to blow up a safe during a train robbery fizzles out.

Now Hayes tries to listen to the tumblers and open it that way. Outside the box car an old lady (Jeanette Nolan) hands Curry a note she says will change their lives. Curry puts it away for later. The posse led by a Marshall (John “Lawman” Russell) is closing in. Gang member Wheat (Earl Holliman) thinks he has a better idea. That doesn’t work either.

Hayes and Curry ride into Porterville where their old pal Lom Trevors (James “The Virginian” Drury) is the sheriff. Curry hand him the paper the old lady gave him. It’s an opportunity for amnesty. Lom says he’ll talk to the governor. In walks Miss Porter (Susan Saint James). She running the bank until her father gets back. Lom introduces them as Smith and Jones. She asks them to check out the security at the bank since there’s a big payroll in the safe.

Lom heads out of town on the train. His not too bright Deputy Harker Wilkins (Forrest Tucker) takes their guns. He says it’s a new law that transients can’t carry guns. A run in with a big mouth at the saloon convinces them to go to work. Hayes and Curry take jobs at the bank. Now they have their guns back. Wheat and the boys ride in and eye the bank. Their plans go awry as Hayes and Curry quietly prevent the robbery. They’re not done yet.

They take up the poker table in the saloon for at least fourteen hours. They tell Wilkins they don’t have any place to stay and are playing poker until they leave town. Under orders via telegram from Lom, Wilkens puts Hayes and Curry in jail. They manage to pick pocket the keys and get themselves out.

Wheat and the boys are busy digging a tunnel under the poker table to the bank. Since they were arrested Hayes and Curry decide they’ll rob the bank. Before Lom gets back that night Hayes and Curry saw through the bank roof. Wheat and company saw through the floor. Neither one knows each others’ plan. Both have a lot of dynamite to blow the safe.

It comes to an amusing end. It’s an entertaining show if you’re in the mood for some fun.

Peter Duel starred as David Willis in the beyond dumb sitcom “Love On A Rooftop” (1966-67).

Ben Murphy appeared in many TV shows and starred as Patrick Sean Flaherty in “Lottery” (1983-84).

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