The Year’s Best Fantasy And Horror-Ninth Annual Collection-Edited by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling (1995)

ellen datlow-terri windling-the year's best fantasy and horron-ninth annual collection

Forty-five stories and poems all but one from 1995 Favorites:

“Screens” – Terry Lamsley (Novelette)- A newcomer in an English village ends up being best friends with his neighbor, a woman older than him. It’s not romance but a good friendship. After returning from a business trip he can’t help but notice something is amiss. He should have minded his own business.

“Professor Gottesman And The Indian Rhinoceros” (Novelette) – Peter S.Beagle – The prof takes his seven year old niece to the zoo to see the tigers. He hears a voice. It’s the Rhino calling him. His niece can’t hear it but is enthralled with the Rhino anyway. Later his niece and sister go back home to England. Lounging in front of his fireplace is the Rhino. It’s the start of a lifelong beautiful friendship. This is great story.

“More Tomorrow” (Novelette) – Michael Marshall Smith –  A computer expert freelances setting up offices with computer systems. He becomes attracted to one of the girls. He pursues her in his quiet way and finds out she has a boyfriend. Further investigation online leads him to a riveting discovery.

“The James Dean Garage Band” – Rick Moody – The ghost of James Dean joins a rural garage band trying to rock and roll.

“Scaring The Train” (Novelette) – Terry Dowling – As young teenagers in a tourist town, two boys play a dangerous game. The results of it follow them into adulthood.

“Refrigerator Heaven” – David J.Schow – A man is kidnapped by men who want what he has on tape and video. They do everything they can do make him talk. Finally they toss him into a small fridge.

“Mrs.Greasy” – Robert Reed (Novelette) – It looked like the ideal vacation spot. After much grumbling a man’s wife gives in, packs up the family and they’re off. When they get there the electricity is out and the fish aren’t biting. A guide named Mr.Gressy makes excuses. Eleven year old Jimmy takes a walk and runs into the house where Mr.Gressy, now referred to as Mr.Greasy lives. There are all kinds of warning signs about trespassing. Then Jimmy sees Mrs.Greasy.

Other authors: Charles de Lint, Midori Snyder, Ellen Kushner, Scott Bradfield, Ursula K.LeGuin, Stuart Dybeck, Stephen King, Neil Gaiman, Eileen Kernaghan, Pat Mora, Peter Crowther, Chris Kenworthy, Douglas E.Winter, Sue Kepros Hartman, Jane Yolen, Lucy Taylor, Steve Rasnic Tem, Eilean Ni Chuilleanain, Mary O’Malley, S.N.Dyer (Sharon Faber), Tanithy Lee, Louise Gluck, S.P.Somtow, Vivian Vande Velde, Margaret Atwood, A.S.Byatt, Susan Moody, Pat Cadigan, Gary A.Braunbeck, Marcia Guthridge, Joyce Carol Oates, Delia Sherman, Nancy Willard and Patricia A.McKillip.

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