Lost In Space (1965-68)-Unaired Pilot-1965

lost in space

Guy “Zorro” Williams is Professor John Robinson, June Lockhart is his wife Maureen. Marta Kristen is daughter Judy and Angela Cartwright is young daughter Penny. Rounding out  the family is Billy Mumy as son Will. Also in the cast are Mark Goodared as Major Don West, Jonathan Harris as the always hyperventilating Dr.Zachary Smith and  announcer Dick Tufeld as the voice of Robbie The Robot. People who think they’re incredibly hip still say, “Danger,Will Robinson.” The show really belonged with the other kiddie shows on Saturday morning.

The original pilot that never aired: “No Place To Hide” – It’s October 16,1997. The Gemini XII is about to take off on its ninety-eight year voyage to Alpha Centauri to check out a habitable planet. The Robinsons go into suspended animation. A meteor shower slams into the ship knocking it off course. Everybody wakes up. Alpha control doesn’t know if the ship has been destroyed or if it’s….lost in space.

They land on an unknown planet. After six months they’ve made friends with some local animals. One is a chimp wearing head gear to make it look like an alien. Penny calls it Debbie. John and Don check out some scientific gear they set out. A blizzard is on its way so they’ve got to move.

Just like that they find a huge footprint. Then the giant appears and they’re trapped in a cave. Good thing Will fixed his radio telescope and sees what’s happening. He goes out with a ray gun and slays the giant. Now they’re packing up a ground vehicle. Can’t leave yet. Penny is missing.

John puts on a rocket back pack and starts searching. He finds her and brings her back just in time for them to leave. They’re heading for the tropic zone. Up ahead..another giant. This one is tossing boulders at them. It’s Don’s turn with the ray gun. Scratch another giant.

Next stop is a cave. While chasing after Debbie, Penny almost get lost. She and Will wind up in a hidden room. They freak when they see a skeleton. Don and Judy get trapped with them. John and Maureen break through and get them out while the place is being shaken by an earthquake. A narrow escape.

They make it to the inland sea and drive right in. Of course a storm hits and they get closer than they’d like to a whirlpool. Don falls overboard while making some repairs during the storm. Not to worry. He makes it back. Finally they hit land. They’re looking forward to whatever is to come. They don’t know two humanoid creatures are observing them. Since this never aired we’ll never know wh they were and what was on their alien minds.

There’s a camping scene where Mumy strums a guitar and ruins “Greensleeves.” It’s agonizing to listen to. No Dr.Smith or robot in this unaired pilot. The soundtrack in the opening credits from “The Day The Earth Stood Still.” In the episode there’s music from “Journey To The Center Of the Earth.” When the show actually started the ship’s name was Jupiter 2.

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