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Behind That Curtain (1929)

A Charlie Chan movie virtually without Charlie. The character doesn’t show up until the last twelve minutes. It’s only a brief appearance. The actors seem not to have a clue about how to read a script for a talkie. They … Continue reading

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The Jackie Robinson Story (1950)

Sanitized biopic with Robinson portraying himself. It traces his career from the Negro Leagues to the Dodgers. It starts with Jackie as a young boy in 1928 getting a used baseball glove as a gift from the coach of a … Continue reading

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Crooks’ Tour By Members Of The Mystery Writers Of America-Edited by Bruno Fischer (1953)

Twenty-two stories from 1932,36,47,50-53. Favorites: “The MWA Murder” (1951) – Robert Arthur – At the Mystery Writers of America meeting one author tells another he’s come up with a plot for the perfect locked room mystery. A few days later … Continue reading

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Garrison’s Gorillas (1967-68)

A group of convicts join the army for the promise of a post war parole. This low rent version of “The Dirty Dozen” stars Ron Harper as Lt.Craig Garrison. Along for the ride are Cesare Danova as Actor, Brendon Boone … Continue reading

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Remedy For Riches (1940)

Second of the six Dr.Christian movies. Jean Hersholt plays country GP Dr.Paul Christian of River’s Edge. In this one an old friend of the owner of the┬ádrug store comes to town. Dr.Christian is suspicious of him. Tom Stuart (Warren Hull)┬ádrives … Continue reading

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Cinnabar-Edward Bryant (Short Stories) (1971,73,74,75)

Eight stories from 1971-75 about the city of Cinnabar. It’s at the end of time and populated by immortals. The first six stories didn’t do anything for me. The last two were very good. “Sharking Down” (1975 novelette) – A … Continue reading

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The Very Edge (1963)

Good suspense as a former London model is being stalked by a man who will stop at nothing to get to her. Tracey Lawrence (Anne Heywood) is happily married to architect Geoffrey (Richard Todd). She’s pregnant and her pal is … Continue reading

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