The Land Unknown (1957)

If nothing else this movie will show you that you can’t kill a T.Rex with a pistol. You’ll just annoy him. This is for the inner ten year old who likes dinosaurs. It’s not all that bad but I wouldn’t hurry to stand in line to see it. Come to think of it there probably wouldn’t be a line.

An expedition is going to the South Pole. Flying over warm water in a helicopter are Commander Harold Roberts (Jock “Yancy Derringer” Mahoney, Reporter Maggie Hathaway (Shirley Patterson aka/Shawn Smith), Lt.Jack Carmen (William Reynolds) and Machinist’s Mate Steve Miller (Phil Harvey).

From out of nowhere a giant bird does a bank shot off the chopper and they’re headed down. They finally set down three thousand feet below sea level where the temperature is a hundred degrees. The landing spot is in a prehistoric valley.

Doesn’t take long for a couple of lizards to entertain with a battle royal. Then…here comes a guy in a suit…I mean the dreaded T.Rex. He’s not happy when the rotor blades take a piece of him. Making him even more upset is a strange sound. That makes him move away.

While running through the jungle Maggie is kidnapped.  Yes she faints. She’s on a boat headed for a cave. The three guys get in their rubber raft and try to find her. When she wakes up…it’s a man. He says he’s Dr.Carl Hunter (Henry Brandon) and he’s been there ten years since the chopper he was on crashed killing the three others aboard.

He’s a bit balmy and says he rules the valley and everything in it. He has a sea shell that he blows into to make the sound that drives the Dinos nuts. Busting up dinosaur eggs is one way he keeps the population down. Roberts and company eventually show up. Hunter says the parts to fix their chopper can be found in the wreck of the one that brought him there. One catch…he’ll show them the wreckage but he gets to keep Maggie.

That doesn’t go over so well and the four leave. They’ll look for the wreckage on their own. More monsters to come and even the T.Rex seems attached to them and keeps showing up.

The ending isn’t bad and the movie is okay if you keep in mind the year it was made and don’t expect a whole lot.

TV fans know William Reynolds as Pete Kelly on 1959’s “Pete Kelly’s Blues”, Sandy Wade on “The Islanders” (1960-61) and as Special Agent Tom Colby on “The F.B.I.” (1966-74).


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