The Very Edge (1963)

Anne Heywood-Jeremy Brett

Anne Heywood-Jeremy Brett

Good suspense as a former London model is being stalked by a man who will stop at nothing to get to her.

Tracey Lawrence (Anne Heywood) is happily married to architect Geoffrey (Richard Todd). She’s pregnant and her pal is Selina (Verina Greenlaw) the little girl next door. At his office Geoffrey is good at his job but his office is a mess. His boss Crawford has his secretary Helen (Nicole Maury) assigned to him to get things straightened out.

Selina drops in on Tracey because she fell and cut her knee and arm. Tracey treats her. When she’s out of the room Selina pours some powder in the mixture she was treated with. Selina goes home. Now Tracey has another visitor (Jeremy Brett). He breaks in and starts to attack her. Geoffrey comes home early and the man runs off. She managed to toss some of the mixture in the man’s face. It’ll leave a purple stain for weeks.

Geoffrey takes Tracey to the hospital. She had a miscarriage and will be there for a couple weeks. She’s turned very cold towards Geoffrey and he’s told that’s to be expected in cases like this. Inspector McInnes (Jack Hedley) is brought in from Scotland Yard. He sets it up for Tracey to be watched. Now she’s getting phone calls.

She’s told to keep the man talking. When he calls again she keeps him on the line. The call is traced and the cops are on their way. Geoffrey says something and the man hears it, calls her a traitor and hangs up. When the cops get to the phone booth, he’s gone.

Tempers are short and after an argument Geoffrey goes to work. Tracey packs a suitcase and goes to he train station and buys a ticket to London. Meanwhile McInnes’ men have stumbled across the stalker’s apartment. McInnes tells Geoffrey to check the airport and he’ll go to the train station. She just missed the train and McInnes catches up with her. He tells her they’ve got him.

Tracey identifies him at a line up. He freaks and yells that he’ll get her no matter what. Things are changing as she and Geoffrey sell the house and then go on holiday. After that she starts getting set in their new place. At work Crawford wants to send Helen and Geoffrey to Saigon for three weeks.

Everything seems okay but….it’s not and for more than one reason.

Some real good suspense is in store and as always Jeremy Brett gives a good performance. Child actress Greenlaw is not so good. She’s very hard to understand.

Of all the great performances by Jeremy Brett his most famous was his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes in several TV series (1984-94).

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