Cinnabar-Edward Bryant (Short Stories) (1971,73,74,75)

edward bryant-cinnabar

Eight stories from 1971-75 about the city of Cinnabar. It’s at the end of time and populated by immortals. The first six stories didn’t do anything for me. The last two were very good.

“Sharking Down” (1975 novelette) – A scientist has been attacked by the giant prehistoric Carcharodon Megalodon shark. Some people don’t want it hunted down and killed. The scientist creates his own version called the Black Avenger and sends it out after the real one.  Great ending.

“Brain Terminal” (1975 novelette) – A riff on “The Wizard Of Oz.” Jade Blue, a catmother who can talk, a simulacron, a scientist, a movie star and their friends have to get to City Center. Terminex, the computer that runs Cinnabar, has gone insane and is suicidal. If it offs itself the city will be destroyed. They go down the brick road to try and stop it.

edward bryant-cinnabar 2


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