Remedy For Riches (1940)

Second of the six Dr.Christian movies. Jean Hersholt plays country GP Dr.Paul Christian of River’s Edge. In this one an old friend of the owner of the drug store comes to town. Dr.Christian is suspicious of him.

Tom Stuart (Warren Hull) drives into town and has an accident with a truck carrying live chickens. He pays for the damages. Coming out to see what’s going on is Roy Davis. It’s his old college pal Tom. Clem the cop (Walter Catlett) sees everything’s okay and starts recommending various family members to Tom about where he can get his car fixed and what hotel to stay in.

Roy has a date with gilrfriend Judy Price (Dorothy Lovett). She’s Dr.Christian’s (Jean Hersholt) nurse. To her chagrin Roy invites Tom along. Tom says he’s looking for a location to build a hotel. Grocery store owner George Browning (Edgar Kennedy) has ten acres outside of town he’d like to unload.

Tom buys the land and work begins. Then one of the workers runs into town looking for Tom. He’s out with Judy and Dr.Christian. Oil has been discovered on the land. When Tom comes back a quick meeting is held. George wants to buy the land back. Instead Tom says why not have everyone be partners and he’ll let them invest in shares.

Tom calls the president of the hotel company. It’s really his pal D.B.Emerson (Jed Prouty). He’s a former carnival barker. Tom says a geologist is coming to town to check things out. It’s really D.B. Dr.Christian smells a rat and calls a geologist friend of his.

Now there’s an overly long comedy bit with the Doc and Clem. Christian’s housekeeper Mrs. Hastings wants to win the cake prize at the town bazaar. She leaves her entry in the kitchen with a note not to touch it. The note blows away and Clem digs in. Christian finds the note and the two decide they’ll bake a replacement. No one will ever know.

At the hotel Christian’s friend is checking in. Roy tells Tom and D.B. who he is. Through slight of hand by D.B. a cops watch ends up in the geologist’s pocket and he’s arrested. At the bazaar Tom and D.B. are now collecting investors cash. Will they be caught before leaving town? And what about that cake?

A lame comedy but all in all innocent, non-offensive fun. The series started on radio and ended up as a TV series in 1956 with MacDonald Carey as Paul’s Doctor nephew Mark. The TV series was written by “Star Trek” creator Gene Roddenberry.


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