Garrison’s Gorillas (1967-68)

garrison's gorillas

A group of convicts join the army for the promise of a post war parole. This low rent version of “The Dirty Dozen” stars Ron Harper as Lt.Craig Garrison. Along for the ride are Cesare Danova as Actor, Brendon Boone as Chief, Christopher Cary as Goniff and Rudy Solan as Casino. The show has a lot of combat action but doesn’t hold a candle to the best of them all, “Combat!” (1962-67).

Opening episode: September 6,1967 – “The Big Con” w/Telly Savalas and Gilbert Roland – The Gorillas parachute into France. Wheeler (Telly Savalas) refuses to jump. Garrison has to slug him and toss him out. Their mission is to switch twenty dollar plates with those the Germans are using to make counterfeit bills. These plates have a symbol engraved in them that mark them as bogus. On the ground they need the help of Lt.Hanley (Rick Jason) and some guys from “Combat!” to cover them.

They get to their contacts’ house and stay in the basement. Duchamps (Gilbert Roland) comes in and tells them the Germans are packing up the printing press and other equipment and taking it back to Germany. Garrison says they’ll pull a con. They get some uniforms and a vehicle and stop the German column. They say they’re looking for a soldier with scratches on his neck and hands. He got them when he got too frisky with the Field Marshall’s daughter.

They try and take their time while Actor tries to open the safe in a tank and make the switch. They find a soldier with scratches on his neck. Garrison gives a signal not to say anything and the soldier breaths a sigh of relief. The General is getting impatient and the column starts moving out. Actor only needed five more minutes but he couldn’t do the switch.

Back at Duchamps Wheeler wants out. Chief gives him a knife to face off against Garrison. No one will interfere. Garrison quickly gets the best of Wheeler.  Duchamps tells them there’s a boxcar loaded with millions of dollars with of twenties. Time for another plan.

At the railyard Chief is assigned to start the fire while Casino and Actor go into the tank to make the switch. Wheeler leaves his post and tries to stop Chief from starting the fire. He wants as much money as he can carry. It’s an explosive action filled finish.

Ron Harper was Detective Kling in “87th precinct” (1961-62) and Jeff Conway in “Wendy And Me” (1964-65).

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