The Adventures Of Superman (1952-58)

the adventures of superman-george reeves

George Reeves is the man of steel flying onto TV tubes everywhere. Bill Kennedy does the intro announcement and future game show host Jack Narz does the narration.

Opening episode:September 19,1952 – “Superman On Earth” – Scientist Jor-El tells the council that the planet Krypton is about to be toast. They think he’s nuts. Back home he has a model space ship and with what’s happening outside there’s no time to build an adult size one.

He and his wife agree to put their newborn into the model and fire him off to Earth. Eben and Sarah Kent are driving along outside their farm in Smallville when the rocket lands in front of them. Eben puts out the flames and rescues the baby. Rather than deal with the authorities they decide to keep it.

Twelve years go by and a depressed Clark wants to know why he can do things the other boys can’t. He says a baseball was lost and he saw it through a rock. Sarah has a heart to heart with him.

Now it’s April 10.1951. Clark is twenty-five. To mark the occasion Eben dies of a heart attack. Clark now heads to Metropolis. At the bus station Sarah reminds him that the costume she made for him is in his suitcase. It’s not explained how she made a costume for a grown man out of a baby blanket.

In the big city Clark decides a newspaper reporters job will keep him close to what’s going on and he can help out when needed. Daily Planet Editor Perry White (John Hamilton) keeps him cooling his heels by the receptionist.

Perry calls Lois Lane (Phyliss Coates) to his office to get the top off a glass coffee container. Jimmy Olson (Jack Larson) runs in with some hot news. An oil company blimp has a man hanging from it. It’s a thousand feet up. Clark comes in after a walk on the ledge. Perry doesn’t buy it that he did it on the twenty-eight floor.

No matter. Clark says if he gets the man’s exclusive story can he have the job? Perry tells him to go for it. Into the broom closet and on with the costume. Lois, Jimmy and a photographer drive to the scene. Jimmy’s careful not to break the 35mph speed limit. Up in the sky it’s..well,you know. Superman grabs the man (Dabbs Greer) just as the rope breaks.

Back in Perry’s office the man says someone grabbed him and he “passed out like a school girl.” Clark said he found him behind a hanger and brought him to the paper. Lois asks Clark how he got there before them, especially when they left first. And furthermore, how did he find the man before all the experienced reporters and get the story first? Clark delivers the classic line, “Maybe I’m a superman, Miss Lane.”

Noel Neill rook over as Lois Lane in 1953.

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