Female Fugitive (1938)

Nothing special about a wife on the lam because of her crook husband. Reed (host of “Racket Squad”) Hadley plays an artist who falls for her.

Trucks are being hijacked. Looks like a blonde is helping them out. Jim Mallory (Craig Reynolds) tells his wife it’s lucky his trucks haven’t been hijacked. She doesn’t have a clue that Jim and two pals are the hijackers.

The cops have traced Mallory as a suspect and head out to his house. Before they get there Jim’s boys Mort and Burke show up. Mort’s got a bullet in the arm. The hijack went bad and two cops were shot. Jim spots two cops outside. He tells wife Peggy (Evelyn Venable) to start the car.

One of the cops is about to become a father, a fatal occurence in movies like this. Sure enough Jim plugs him and runs out back where Peggy and Burke are waiting. The other cop comes back and bullets fly. Peggy takes off with Jim and Burke. Of course the father to be dies a few hours later.

Jim and company go to a remote cabin. He promises Peggy he won’t kill the doctor that’s forced to fix him up. The next morning when Jim comes out of a sedative Burke hands him a note Peggy left for him. She’s outta there.

Peggy’s at a train station where she hears an argument between a cook and a chauffeur. The cook is quitting and Peggy gets the job. It’s for artist Bruce Dunning (Reed Hadley). He lives in a real remote home and that’s perfect for her.

Red the chauffeur (John Kelly) gets her set up. That night Bruce’s girlfriend Claire and her mother, complete with suitcases, drop in. Claire sees there’s something brewing between Bruce and Peggy and she and mom leave the next day.

Bruce goes to his in town studio and paints a number of pictures of Peggy. One ends up on a magazine cover that’s distributed all across the country. He didn’t know her real story. She’s following her husband’s exploits via the radio. In another mark of movies like this the story she’s waiting to hear always comes on the moment she turns on the radio.

She hears that Jim has been killed in a train wreck. The cops know better. The movie is pretty dumb with its instant romance and unbelievable ending. The blonde in the beginning that helps the gang is never explained or heard from again.

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