Night Heat (1985-89)

night heat

Canadian show about cops in the Mid South precinct in an anonymous American city. It’s all seen through the eyes and column of newspaperman Tom Kirkwood whose column is called “Night Heat.” He’s played by Allan Royal.

April 28,1988 episode: “Forgive Me Father” – Bad acting, bad writing, bad soundtrack and warmed over material that’s been done a few million times before and a few million times better. Punks Leon and Reggie decide to mug a businessman that recently arrived in the neighborhood. Reggie pulls a knife and then cuts the victim. That’s too much for Leon. The victim takes off while Leon and Reggie fight. By accident, Reggie is stabbed to death. Seeing it all is Leon’s sister Ella.

She runs to the church and tells Father Torres in the confessional what she saw. Cops Frank Giambone, who looks like he couldn’t last a day without his hair dryer and his partner Kevin O’Brien arrive on the scene. Frank and Torres are old friends. Leon and Ella’s mother works in the church. While cleaning up and talking with Torres  they spot the knife in the trash.

As the investigation continues the cops run into teenagers acting tough and one even has a mullet that doesn’t help the image. Leon is running around looking for some money to buy drugs. Frank finally figures out that Torres heard the ID of the killer via confession and can’t talk about it.

The episode ends with a convenient way to solve everything. A waste of time.

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