Where’s Raymond? (1953-55)

where's raymond

Ray Bolger stars as, what else, a song and dance man. His character is Richard Wallace. He has a tough time being on time. Richard Erdman is his landlord and press agent Pete Morrisey. Sylvia Lewis is Ray’s dancing partner Alice. She’s also the choreographer for the series.

February 15,1954 episode “Redecorate The Coffeeshop” w/John Doucette – Ray’s girlfriend June has a cold so he and Pete take over her restaurant, June’s Coffee Pot. A customer (John Doucette) walks out after a steak dinner and a misadventure with some coffee. When Ray goes to stop him he says “Health Department.” Ray lets him go.

Pete reads an item in the paper about a phony going around town getting free meals by saying he’s with the Health Department. Ray calls and complains. The Health Inspector decides to pay them a visit. When he comes in and says he wants to inspect the kitchen Ray and Pete think he’s another phony and throw him out.

Ray complains to Pete that the place doesn’t have any customers and needs a make over. Ray,Pete, Ray’s brother Jonathan (Allyn Joslyn) and Alice redecorate.  It’s now June’s Back Stage. Ray and Pete are surprised to see the Health Inspector back and realize he’s the real deal. The Health Inspector shuts them down.

Pete says he has a higher up friend that can take care of that. Ray says he’ll talk to him. That makes matters worse as the man says Pete owes him money. Ray finds out he can get things straightened out. The Health Inspector just happens to have a daughter who sings,dances and plays the trumpet.

Backstage the Inspector brings her to Ray’s dressing room. She’s terrible at everything. Ray goes on stage and sings and dances to “Louise.”  Then Pete’s “friend” wants to close the place because they didn’t have a building permit. Turns out he has twin daughters who go to dancing school. After a scene where things get back to normal Ray and June close the show singing “Tip Toe Through The Tulips With Me.”

Bolger has a lot of appeal and the show is innocent fun.

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