When Worlds Collide (1951)

I wanted to like this but the brief romantic triangle and acts of sacrifice all rang untrue and kept getting in the way. Larry Keating was all wrong and the asinine attempts to make lead character Dave Randall a studly hero women just can’t resist along with the over the top nasty multi-millionaire played by John Hoyt combine to sink what may have been a good movie. It’s a George Pal production so you know it looks good but that’s not nearly enough to take the time to watch this. The movie won the Oscar for Best Special Effects.

Dave Randall (Richard Derr) is assigned by Dr.Bronson (Hayden Rorke) to take some pictures to Dr.Hendron (Larry Keating). They’re in a black box handcuffed to Randall’s wrist. He’s not told what he’s carrying. If the pictures agree with Hendron’s the world has had it.

In New York Randall is met by Joyce Hendron (Barbara Rush). Dave tries to throw on the charm and Joyce seems to react to it. She blabs about the pictures thinking he already knows about them. Joyce’s boyfriend , Dr.Tony Drake (Peter Hansen) is also around.

The pictures confirm the worst. Two bodies, the star Bellus and the planet Zyra are headed our way and there’s nothing we can do about it. Dr.Hendron takes his case to the UN. The delegates think he’s doing stand up and laugh him out of the building.

That doesn’t stop two millionaires from backing Hendron in building a rocketship big enough for forty people and numerous plants and animals to go to Zyra after it passes by. Needing a few bucks more Sydney Stanton says he’ll pay the rest of the costs if….he can gets a seat on the flight out.  With him is his flunky Ferris (Frank Cady). Stanton is in a wheelchair but doesn’t seem anxious to get Ferris aboard.

The countdown has started as Zyra will make a pass at Earth bringing fire and floods. For 1951 there are some nice effects of the destruction. Somewhere in here Drake and Randall almost duke it out over Joyce but other matters become more important.

Stanton arranged for boxes of pistols and rifles to be delivered. He says they’ll be needed when most of the workers on the ship realize they’re not going anywhere. Time is running out as Bellus is fast approaching. More soap and sacrifice as Randall is one of the people going even though he says there’s no need for him. He’s such a noble guy.

The ending is pretty dumb as the new world looks suspiciously like a mural with the Paramount Pictures mountain logo on it.

TV fans will recognize Hayden Rorke who played Dr.Alfred Bellows on “I Dream Of Jeannie.”

Larry Keating was Harry Morton on “The George Burns And Gracie Allen Show” and next door neighbor Roger Addison on “Mister Ed.”

Frank Cady was Sam Drucker on “Petticoat Junction” and “Green Acres.”

John Hoyt appeared in dozens of movies and TV shows. His last role was as Grandpa Stanley Kanisky on “Gimmie A Break” (1982-87).

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