The Werewolf (1956)

the werewolf 1956

Someone must have found a dollar or two in the street and decided to make a movie. Welcome to seventy-nine minutes of nothing.

A stranger (Steven Ritch) wanders into a local tappy in the village of Mountaincrest. He asks the bartender if he knows him. Nope. He finally remembers to pick up his twenty dollar bill change and leave. Outside Joe Mitchell wants that sawbuck. He learns the hard  way that you can’t mug a werewolf. The hairy one takes off for the snowy woods.

Deputy Clovey (Harry Lauter) and two towns folk follow the tracks in the snow. They change from man feet to wolf feet. Clovey stands guard and tells the guys to go get the sheriff. Sheriff Jack Haines bring him back and takes him straight to Doc Gilcrest and his nurse and niece Amy. His arm is all scratched up. Clovey says he was attacked by something with lots of hair. The word werwewolf floats in the air.

Next to visit the Doc…the werewolf. Only this time he just plain ol’ Duncan Marsh. He says he’s had amnesia ever since a minor car accident and treatment by two doctors. Then he confesses to last night killing. Doc’s not buying it and Marsh runs out. Amy and Doc tell Haines what just happened. Soft hearted Amy doesn’t want the werewolf harmed. Maybe he can be put into some kind of program.

At a lab miles from town two doctors have acquired a lot of dials, switches and animals in cages from the prop department. Dr.Morgan Chambers mumbles something about H-Bombs and radiation and how his serum will do….something. At any rate, he’ll be one of the few sane people left to run things when everyone else is blotto. His partner Dr.Emery Forest isn’t so sure but he’s not hedging his bets. The two head for Mountaincrest to “help.”

Marsh spots the two and begs for help. Not happening so he changes and jumps on Emery. Morgan fires a shot and misses by a mile.  Morgan explains to the sheriff that Marsh is his patient. That doesn’t mean much. Now Marsh is hungry so he stops by a local farm to eat a sheep.

Jack sets up eleven bear traps figuring the wolfman has to step in at least one. Sure enough…he does. With his super wolf strength he breaks out of it but he has a limp. Helen Marsh and young son Chris show up and can’t believe Duncan is imitating Lon Chaney,Jr. Helen shouts some endearments through a bullhorn and Chris runs up to Daddy. It melts his little Lobo heart and he’s now in jail.

At the bar a customer is running around drunk telling everyone how he captured the creature with a bear trap. All he’s doing is annoying everybody. Morgan and Emery have plans for him. They use him to get into the jail. They knock Clovey out and go see their pet wolf. He’s not happy to see them. Add two more pelts to the wolf’s score. Now the villagers get out the torches but no pitchforks.

No laughs to make this so bad it’s good. It’s actually so bad it’s worse.



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