Diamond Trail (1933)

Combination gangster-western that makes for interesting viewing. If you like curiosities from the early talkie days then check this out.

Reporter Speed Morgan (Rex Bell) witnesses a rub out at the docks. The man was a bodyguard for gangster Flash Barrett. Speed tells Flash he has a cab waiting and gets him out of there. He tells him his name is Frisco Eddie. Frisco was killed a while back but Flash doesn’t know that.

Back at the paper Speed says he’s got a hot story. His editor and a cop persuade him into going out west with Flash and his gang. Flash’s racket is stealing the proceeds from robberies done by safecrackers. Flash sends the jewelry out of town and then it goes to the right destination. This time his middle man didn’t forward the package. Flash and the boys, along with Speed, hop a train.

They go to a town that still has one foot in the old west. Bill Miller is the go between they’re looking for. They drive out to his ranch. He was there earlier to get his gun. He told his sister to say she hasn’t seen him and he rides off. Flash starts getting nasty with Sis but Speed interferes.

They hop in the car and go to a rancher that’s got a horse for them. The horse doesn’t like Flash but thinks Speed is okay. Flash finds out Frisco isn’t who he says he is. While the boys wait downstairs at the bar, the two have a brawl. One of the boys goes upstairs to find out what’s taking so long.

Speed goes out the window into the backseat of a car and then onto his horse. He rides out to the Miller place to try and straighten everything out. Back at the hotel Flash discovers Frisco’s real identity. He’s in trouble now.

Just when you think the movie isn’t going to answer an obvious question, the answer comes at the very end.

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