The Time Dweller-Michael Moorcock (Short Stories)

michael moorcock-the time dweller

Nine stories from 1963-66. A mix of SF and some horror. Favorites:

“Escape From Evening” (1965 novelette) – Pepin Hunchback leaves the Moon for Earth. He wants to travel into the past. There’s no help in the town where he lands so he makes the trek to Lanjis Liho the home of the time dwellers. He asks the ruler of the city, known as the Chronarch. for help. This is a different take on the time travel story and well worth seeking out.

“The Deep Fix” (1964 novella) – Thanks to experiments the population of Earth is going insane. Mobs attack labs but are driven back by towers that emit signals to quiet them down. Many are killed in the attempted raids. Dr.Seward is determined to find the answer to calming the population. He takes an experimental drug and winds up in a city controlled by someone he calls The Man With No Naval. He’s taken to a basement dungeon when he refuses to help him take over the world. He wakes up back in his lab. Then he realizes he’s addicted to the drug and shoots up again. Once more he’s back in the city.

“Consuming Passion” (1966) – A firebug in London gets the nickname Pyro Jack. At his eleventh fire he discovers he doesn’t need petrol and matches to burn things down. He left his jacket behind and the police catch up to him. He admits he’s Pyro Jack and makes a discovery that lets him escape.

“The Mountain” (1965) – Only two men are left alive on the planet following a nuclear war. They’re in Swedish Lapland. They spot some tracks in the snow and think it’s a woman. They follow the footprints to a mountain.

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2 Responses to The Time Dweller-Michael Moorcock (Short Stories)

  1. Joachim Boaz says:

    “The Deep Fix” sounds like a lot of fun. I’ve never really enjoyed Moorcock’s novels so perhaps I should try his shorts….

  2. vintage45 says:

    The smaller horror stuff isn’t that great but the longer SF stories are very good. I’ve liked some of his non Elric books and will probably explore more in the future.

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