She-Wolf Of London (1946)

Is this the face of a vicious she-wolf?

To call this poor excuse for a horror movie dull would be too much of a compliment. Future TV stars Don Porter (“Private Secretary”) and June Lockhart (“Lassie”, “Lost In Space”) are stuck in this celluloid quicksand with Dennis “Inspector Lestrade” Hoey and character actor Lloyd Corrigan.

Detective Latham (Lloyd Corrigan) of Scotland Yard tells Inspector  Pierce (Dennis Hoey) that he thinks a man in the park was attacked by a werewolf. To make things more bizarre, the werewolf was a woman. Pierce isn’t buying it. They head for the park.

In the park are Barry Lanfield (Don Porter) and Phyllis Allenby (June Lockhart). Those wacky kids are planning their wedding when they overhear Latham and Pierce talking about the werewolf.

Back at the mansion Mrs.Winthrop is telling daughter Carol that Phyliss isn’t really her cousin and that she is not the owner of the house, just the caretaker for the Allenby estate. Barry and Phyliss show up and the new dog Rolf wants a piece of sweet little Phyliss.

The next morning Phyliss wakes up with blood on her hands and mud on her shoes. At breakfast Carol reads an article about a ten year old boy that was mangled in the park. Phyliss thinks she did it. It’s that darn Allenby family curse.

Latham and Pierce assign a whole host of constables to patrol the foggy park. Latham, umbrella in hand, goes off on his own. He’s being followed by a hooded figure. Uh-oh. He’s attacked. The CID has an opening. Phyliss thinks she did that too. Is she really a she-wolf?

The movie doesn’t have any shape changing scenes or even a werewolf. There’s more suspense in tossing a pot of spaghetti and watching the sauce run down the wall.

It’s actually a good scare for Halloween because it’s frightening how something this bad could see the light of day.

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