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The Deathworms Of Kratos-Richard Avery (Edmund Cooper) (1975) (The Expendables Series)

First of four in the series. #2 is “The Rings Of Tantalus” (1975), #3 is The War Games Of Zelos” (1975) and #4 is “The Venom Of Argus” (1976). Calling all pulp fans…the series is about a group of six … Continue reading

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Where’s Raymond? (1953-55)

Ray Bolger stars as, what else, a song and dance man. His character is Richard Wallace. He has a tough time being on time. Richard Erdman is his landlord and press agent Pete Morrisey. Sylvia Lewis is Ray’s dancing partner … Continue reading

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I Was A Communist For The FBI (1951)

Nominated for the Best Documentary,Features Oscar. It was the only nominee in that category. If you want to see cold war paranoia¬† in the early 50’s look this one up. Frank Lovejoy is Matt Cvetic an undercover agent for the … Continue reading

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Special Agent K-7 (1936)

Bland story of an FBI agent who solves the murder of a mobster. The only interest in this is seeing Duncan Renaldo years before becoming famous as TV’s Cisco Kid. Super lawyer Lester Owens manages a hung jury in the … Continue reading

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Compelling Evidence-Steve Martini (1992) (Paul Madriani Series)

First entry in the series about California defense attorney Paul Madriani. He had a good job as a corporate lawyer in his friend Ben Potter’s firm. Then he had to fool around with Ben’s knockout young wife Talia. Now he’s … Continue reading

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Night Heat (1985-89)

Canadian show about cops in the Mid South precinct in an anonymous American city. It’s all seen through the eyes and column of newspaperman Tom Kirkwood whose column is called “Night Heat.” He’s played by Allan Royal. April 28,1988 episode: … Continue reading

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Female Fugitive (1938)

Nothing special about a wife on the lam because of her crook husband. Reed (host of “Racket Squad”) Hadley plays an artist who falls for her. Trucks are being hijacked. Looks like a blonde is helping them out. Jim Mallory … Continue reading

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The Abominable Earthman-Frederick Pohl (Short Stories)

Seven stories from 1958,69,61,62,63. Minor league collection with a few good ones: “The Abominable Earthman” (1961 novelette) – The Sirians have invaded Earth. They’re surrounded by bubbles no one can get through unless the Sirians bring them in. They look … Continue reading

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Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order Volume 1 1923-Viola McCoy

Twenty-four tracks from an overlooked Blues singer of the 20’s. Perfect for anyone looking to discover the top stars of the era. For collectors there are alternate tracks. Highlights include: “If You Want To Keep Your Daddy Home”, “Strut Long … Continue reading

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Attack Of The Puppet People (1958)

Want to see a bad movie? A really bad movie? One that has one of the worst scenes ever? Then dig up a copy of this extravaganza. A group of Brownies visit Dolls,Incorporated. Secretary Janet Hall warns them not to … Continue reading

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