Exiled To Shanghai (1937)

Will that new thing called television kill the movie newsreel business? Entertaining comedy with Wallace Ford as a newsreel service camerman.

Ted Young (Wallace Ford) is just back from Spain. Charlie Sears (Dean Jagger) is the camerman Ted aced out of the job. Charlie is now the managing editor of the newsreel service. He wants to send Ted out on stories like baby parades.

In a small town. teacher Nancy Jones likes to play sweepstakes and enter contests. She loses the sweepstakes but wins a slogan contest run by a New York television company. Her prize is an all expenses paid week in New York. Her Aunt Jane isn’t happy and neither is Andrew who thinks he’s going to marry her.

Ted meets her train. He thinks he’s going to interview the winner of the sweepstakes. In a case of mistaken identity he films Nancy instead. His mistake embarrasses his company and he resigns before Charlie can fire him.

He tries to sell his idea of immediate coverage to TV companies. When TV catches on people will be able to see events as they happen instead of waiting a week to see them in a theater. The company that sponsored the contest hires Ted after everyone else turned him down.

To put the idea across his cameraman Bud (Arthur “Dagwood Bumstead” Lake) films a dirigible landing at an airport. He finds out later that it blew up. So why didn’t the live shot show that? Ted discovers the TV company pulled a fast one and was using a film of a landing a year old. They didn’t really thing Ted’s idea would work so they decided to cover themselves. Before that Teds’ old boss J.B.Willet (Jonathan Hale) were trying to get in on the deal.

All this time he and Nancy have been getting closer. Aunt Jane and Andrew show up at Nancy’s hotel in a surprise visit. Andrew’s not happy to see Ted in her room.  He’s also upset that Ted rooked him into the TV deal by inviting him to watch it at the TV company.

Looks like everything is falling on Ted as he and the head of the TV company are branded as crooks and Nancy is leaving town. The ending explains the title.

In the Blondie movies with Arthur Lake as Dagwood, Jonathan Hale played his boss Mr.Dithers.

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