Hotel Continental (1932)

Peggy Shannon-Theodore von Eltz

Nothing special about the last night of a hotel and an embezzler trying to recover his lost loot.

After fifty years the grand Hotel Continental is being torn down. There’s a huge party taking place. Older couples who spent their honeymoon there are back for a nostalgic stay. There are other assorted characters including gamblers, escorts, drunks and last minute guests.

Crooks Tierney and Mills are waiting for the arrival of Jim Bennett (Theodore von Eltz).  He’s known as the boy embezzler. He was arrested in the hotel five years ago and sent up the river. Now he’s back. He stashed his loot in room 705. He has a reservation but has to stay in 707 next door. Detective Martin of the police is also keeping an eye on him. He tells Bennett he has a choice. Turn the money in or go back to jail.

Across the hall in 708 a bellhop tells Bennett a girl is about to commit suicide. Bennett makes the save. Her name is Ruth Carelton (Peggy Shannon). Bennett feels sorry for her and wants to show her a good time. He goes out to buy her a new dress. When he leaves she picks up the phone and calls Tierney to tell him Bennett fell for it.

Bennett and Ruth eventually make their way to 705 where a party is going on. By this time she no longer wants to help Tierney and Mills. Then she sees Bennett with a blonde wrapped around him. So much for her change of heart. Bennett manages to get everyone out of the room. Ruth watches as he recovers the loot.

Will he get away with it or will Ruth and her pals take it from him? It’s not a bad movie but nothing to go out of your way to see.


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