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The Black Scorpion (1957)

Movie monster fun from Warner Brothers. You never know what will come out of a volcano. Geologists Hank Scoitt (Richard Deming) and Artur Ramos (Carlos Rivas) are surveying volcanos. They’re heading for San Lorenzo where an earthquake caused a volcano … Continue reading

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Remember The Alamo!-Kevin Randle & Robert Cornett (1980) (Time Mercenaries Series)

First of three in the Time Mercenaries series. The second is “Remember Gettysburg! (1988) and the third is 1990’s “Remember The Little Bighorn!” H.Perot Lewis is the CEO of the Texas-American Oil Company based in Dallas. Before he dies he … Continue reading

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The Benny Goodman Story (1956)

Never let history get in the way of a biopic. Despite that the music is great and the movie is very entertaining even if “facts” are made up for dramatic purposes. A number of musical greats appear as themselves. All … Continue reading

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The Glenn Miller Story (1954)

James Stewart is Alton Glenn Miller in this biopic that, like most biopics, plays with history. That doesn’t take away from the Miller story or the Miller music. Musicians appearing as themselves include Gene Krupa, Louis Armstrong, Barney Bigard, Babe … Continue reading

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The Involvement Of Arnold Wechsler-John Alexander Graham (1971)

This is a good one about the bombing death of a college president. A Classics professor’s radical brother is suspected in that and also the kidnapping of the president’s twelve year old granddaughter. Arnold Weschsler is a professor of Classics … Continue reading

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The New Adventures Of Charlie Chan (1957-58)

The show lasted for thirty-nine episodes. The first few were shot in the U.S and the rest were done in England. After a few episodes his American son Barry was introduced. He was played by James Hong. Opening episode:August 8,1957 … Continue reading

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The Fabulous Dorseys’ (1947)

Tommy and Jimmy portray themselves in this biopic that is unfortunately short on music. It begins in the coal country of Pennsylvania in 1916. Tommy,Sr. works in the mines and supplements his income by giving music lessons on various instruments. … Continue reading

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Replay-Ken Grimwood (1986)

This will also appeal to and mainstream fiction readers. It’s something a lot people think about and this book will make you think even more. This is one that doesn’t go to the second hand bookstore. I know I’ll be … Continue reading

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The Hits And More-Tommy Edwards 2 CD’S

Fifty-three tracks from one the smoothest voices of the 50’s. He had a lot of hits and they’re all here. A great collection. Highlights on CD #1 include: “It’s All In The Game” (1958), “Please Love Me Forever”, “Morning Side … Continue reading

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Alias Nick Beal (1949)

I’ve always been a Ray Milland fan and this is a good one. Whenever someone in a movie says they’d give their soul for something you know who is going to show up. Joseph Foster (Thomas Mitchell) is a D.A. … Continue reading

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