The Mammoth Book Of Frankenstein-Edited by Stephen Jones

stephen jones(editor)-the mammoth book of frankenstein

Twenty-four stories including the one that started it all, “Frankenstein or The Modern Prometheus” by Mary Shelly published in 1818. The other stories are from 1937,39,69,77,78,79,87,94. Favorites:

“The Creator” (1978) – R.Chetwynd-Hayes – A young man who has seen too many horror movies decides to build his own monster using the body of his dead grandfather. To prepare he dissects animals and takes a job as a car mechanic. Funny story.

“Better Dead” (1994) – Basil Copper – Despite his wife’s displeasure a man loves to watch old horror movies. He’s seen “The Bride Of Frankenstein” at least a hundred times. She’s more than upset when she discovers how much money he’s spending on buying old films and decides to do something about it.

“Tantamount To Murder” (1994) – John Brunner – A man has been keeping his wife alive for seven years in a state of animation while he looks for a cure to her disease. His greedy brother-in-law wants the estate and shows up at his house with a sleazy lawyer. He ruins the experiment.

“Last Train” (1994) – Guy N.Smith – A farm boy outside London is now twenty years old and obsessed with having a woman. He has a bad experience with a hooker in an alley. He boards a train and spots what he thinks is a pimp with two of his stable. It’s more than he bargained for.

“The Hound Of Frankenstein” (1977 novelette) – Peter Tremayne – It’s 1826. Dr.Brian Shaw takes a job as assistant to Dr.Trevaskis, He meets his daughter Helen. Her father is missing after walking on the moors.

Later while walking towards an old mansion Brian is attacked by a creature. He’s rescued by the occupant of the house who gives a fake name. It’s not too long before it’s revealed he’s Dr.Victor Frankenstein and the creature is his assistant Hugo. When leaving the estate Brian runs into a woman who says she’s Victor’s wife and has a dire warning for him.

Back in the village saloon he and Helen are having a drink when Hugo walks in. The villagers make fun of him and he falls next to their table. When he gets up Helen notices his arm. It has the same tattoo as her fathers’.

The story reads like a Universal movie of the 40’s and would have made a good one.

“Last Call For The Sons Of Shock” (1991) – David J.Schow – In Los Angeles the Frankenstein monster owns a nightclub called the Un/Dead. He’s nicknamed Blank Frank. It’s time for the yearly reunion of his pals Count Dracula and Larry aka/The Wolfman. He’s now a professional wrestler. It’s an interesting gathering and fans of the old movies will really like it and it’s laced with some great humor.

“To Receive Is Better” (1994) – Michael Marshall Smith – Clones are kept on a special farm. They remain uneducated because it wouldn’t make any difference. Their only purpose is to supply spare parts when their originals need them.

“The Dead End” (1969 novelette) – David Case – Arthur Brookes is sent to Tierra Del Fuego to check out reports of a creature terrorizing the mountainous area. He’s also supposed to find eccentric anthropologist Hubert Hodson. He’s been there for twenty years and no one has heard from him. This is not a monster of the week story. It combines horror with adventure and is an absorbing read throughout. It’s told in flashback. It starts with Arthur telling his fiancee Susan the wedding is off.

Other authors: Ramsey Campbell, Nancy Kilpatrick, Robert Bloch, Chaz Brenchey as Daniel Fox, Manly Wade Wellman, Graham Masteron, Adrian Cole, Dennis Etchison, Lisa Morton, Karl Edward Wagner, Roberta Lannes, Brian Mooney, Paul J.McAulry and a poem by Jo Fletcher.

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2 Responses to The Mammoth Book Of Frankenstein-Edited by Stephen Jones

  1. Frankenstein is one of my favourites – one of the few I enjoyed when we read it at school.

  2. vintage45 says:

    Sure beats “Silas Marner.”

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