Dick Barton Strikes Back (1949)

dick barton strikes back 1949

Second of three movies based on the popular radio show. It has the feel of the 1930’s serials. Don Stannard is super secret agent Dick Barton, Bruce Walker is his sidekick Snowey White and a young,beardless Sebastion Cabot is super villain Fouracada.  You know he’s a bad guy because of his Eastern European accent.

Barton and Snowey go to the airport. Off to the side are two men. One is playing tune on the accordion that Barton kind of likes. Inside they meet agent Creston just off the plane from Prague. He whispers about a weapon worse than the atomic bomb. He points out a passenger he says is a dangerous man.

Barton and Snowey go to the Club Garcia. There’s that tune again. Barton goes into the storeroom and sees some strange looking helmets. Then he sees the body of Creston. The man Creston pointed out at the airport comes in with a couple henchmen. He’s Fouracada and has his men tie and gag Barton. Snowey comes in and gets the same treatment. Fouracada opens a gas valve and when it reaches a flame..BOOM! Of course Barton figures a way out.

Colonel Gardener introduces them to Lord Armadale and Major Henderson. Henderson is from the chemical warfare division. Barton and Snowey are sent to the village of High Glen where all the residents were killed. When they get there it’s empty. Autopsies find everyones’ brains were shriveled up with no clue on what killed them.

They stay at Armadale’s house. Also in residence is his secretary Tina from Hungary. She’s working out on the keyboards and Barton hums the tune to see if she knows it. She sure does and she gets upset and runs out of the room.

That night Barton and Snowey see her by a lake using a dog whistle. Her German Shepard shows up with a note. She tears it up. Barton grabs the pieces and puts it back together. It says the action is on for the night. A shrill sound is heard outside and the next day Gardener calls Barton and tells him another village has been destroyed.

The one thing the villages have in common is that a traveling Fair has gone through. They catch up with it and run into Fouracara and Tina. It looks like the bad guys are going to capture them. Then Tina lets the dog loose and a brawl breaks out. Snowey mistakenly slugs a cop and the two end up in jail.

They manage to trick their guard and escape. They drive off headed for a lot of comic book action as there’s an attempt to take over the world. Don’t try to make sense of it all. Just have fun.


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